First season, starting late, outdoor South Australia


lower buds


I needed to repot my girl I had in the 10 litre pot because she was pushing roots out of the bottom and I could no longer wait to see what mystery girl was going to do. I wanted to use mystery girls spot but instead I had to find a pot. Cue the tub from the recently busted washing machine.

it took 3 x 25litre bags of potting mix, hopefully she’ll have plenty of room now, she’s another ILGM gold leaf like gale only younger


Cue Gale


And very recently scrogged strawb


I did brother I’ll send some pics soon


She’s a sexy lady


To scrog mine I’m going to get some old fance like the shit around tennis :tennis: Court’s put that over top because i can’t keep them branches down there so strong :muscle:!! I’m still battling the mites but there going slowly


Hay with that mite stuff you told me about do you use it?? Because this neem oil is shit!! Yanks must have @$!!# mite lol :joy: neem oil dont do to much for my pyco mites


Yeah I put bout 25ml in about 100 ml of water and spray foliage very lightly but mostly around the edge of my pots or on the bricks around my plants. Whenever I see bugs they get a light spray. I haven’t seen any Ill effects but go easy on it.



Ok cheers bro I’ll see how it goes and wow ya gals are good so good


Bro we got smashed again yesterday by hail but lucky again i got my lady’s under shelter in time check this hail out


Lol, your living in the wrong state mate, keep an eye on Adelaide’s weather lol 27-34c until the heat rolls in usually week b4 Chrissy until Australia day then back to 27-34c till winter which is about 17-24c. Best weather in the world lol. But the best bit about Adelaide is the proximity to everything. 20 minutes from city to beach to hills and only an hour to the barossa valley. No traffic, very rarely do u sit at traffic lights for more then 2 rotations Unfortunately there’s not a lot more then that but with 4 kids that’s plenty lol. Oh and home prices are dirt cheap. Even renting is cheap. We’re renting 3 bedrooms on quarter acre in the middle of suburbia 2 mins to beach and 10 min to city fo $330. same would be $800 in Sydney. Think I’ve only seen hail here 3 times in last 5 years. As Larry Embur used to say “Come On Down!” :wink:


Bro i think :thought_balloon: you could be right I’ve never been down to SA got a few mate’s up North Queensland from SA thay all say the same thing!! And the rent that is cheap man!! And yes I’ve got to live nere the sea :ocean: im a full time surfer :surfing_man:t6: :joy: on the rock and roll :guitar: lol :joy:! My mate’s use to tell me to down there weed was decriminalise ?? You could grow up to 4 plants :seedling: and have 28 g an oz of smokeable green that right?? And the surfing down there is good really good just not to fond of the old great white monsters down there :metal:t2:


We used to be allowed 9, then 7, then 3, then 7 again but no hydro, then 3 again. I think now its only 1 outdoor per adult in the house but between 2 and 9 is only on spot fine. Its very rarely policed touch wood lol


That’s what im talking about! Police don’t really worry here either only unless there big hydro crop or something! I’m more worried about people next door 17/16 yld teens there and thay smoke :dash: i put a alarm :rotating_light: set up for my lady’s so if anyone try’s to put em at lest I’ll hear em trying to pull em touch wood thay dont



Is that a motion detector? Makes sense hey. Visual deterrent is the best bet. I might get a few of those “Smile :slight_smile: your on camera” stickers. Stick em on Gale at least lol.


gale. I’m already on the top rung of ladder so can’t get a good photo lol mystery girl and she stinks so good I can’t go near her before work lol


strawb and her new experimental daughter that may become my first indoor if she pulls thru, fingers crosses