First season, starting late, outdoor South Australia


Last but not least… Gale

I’ve had to kind of train her around the pot or she would be hanging out everywhere


Ok cheers man yes im haveing trouble keeping my gals down lol :joy: and yes i would say not auto days to long just like ya said!! Heres pics i took this morning and yours are going off bro keep up nice :+1:t2: work!!


She’s a triped out looking plant ayy??


Man that sk has gone mental!! Wish you were not so far away could do some clone swaps


She looks cool as!! Tree weed lol :joy:


Aargh, I put an attempt at a scrog screen over Strawb. I turn around and 2 minutes later my 10 month old boy has crawled over to her and was sitting on top of my scrog screen. He had never even glanced at her before the scrog went on. There was a few snapped branches but nothing too bad considering. I kinda wish I hadn’t scrogged now. She was going great but I’d run out of tent pegs, I recovered 40 from her before scrog lol

I’ve already got issues with the squares being too small to get my hand thru :tired_face:


F@ck no good man but theses things happen! She will come good again! I was going to ask how you make outdoor scrog? Is that just wire fance?? I wanna scrog mine too but dont really know were to start


Yeah just some mesh laid over the top of her wired to a couple of stakes for some support. My suggestion is get mesh that you can fit your hand thru to make it easier to get your hand in. I got to either stick my arm under mesh or use my fingers to pull them thru. Now just try to get one bud spot in each square. I wish I could have put it more central over her but I’ll just have to train her to stretch to the open scrog. It would be nearly half full already if I didn’t loose 4 good branches (perfect to clone but im not set up for that)to baby sag lol.


Ok :ok_hand: cheers mate for that so big enough to fit ya hand :raised_back_of_hand: though wicked I’ll let ya know how i go


Hay just a question how long to you got your seeds I’ve been waiting 3weeks now


And what thay come in?


Do you have any wire cutters or snips? You still might be able to open up your screen :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s a great idea @SmoknGranny didn’t even occur to me to cut the mesh lol. I’m gonna need bolt cutters but its definitely a good solution to an annoying knee dirtying job lol.


I got mine in about a week. They just came in a white bubblewrap bag a little smaller then a CD case I guess. I had sprouts out of dirt in 14 days from the day that I ordered the seeds online. I almost farted when I saw the international priority mail in the post.


Glad I could be of help :slightly_smiling_face:. Sometimes you just have to adapt what you have to make it what you want :+1:. Please wear eye protection as the pieces of wire may fly.


Lol She’ll be apples :wink: it should have occurred to me when I cut the bit of mesh with angle grinder before I put it in. I just didn’t think small squares mattered. In fact I used that mesh because it had lots of squares lol more squares = more tops = more buds = more giggles lol


Hmm you could use a dremel tool with a cut off blade also. :grinning:


Ok sweet man cheers! I’ll just wait longer hopefully thay come right about Xmas be good :blush: prezzy form the weed santa :santa: lol! Big rains are here again but I’m ready this time


Looking good mate, I’d pull that yellow leaf off out of the middle tho. Its a real shade leaf right where you want those rays. And looks a bit crowded so I reckon she’ll appreciate it. :wink:


OK so I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m confused but I think mystery girl still has a way to go. I’m not sure if she’s revegging or not or if she’s an auto or not either. Her top looks like reveg but down low her buds are filling out and thickening up.