First season, starting late, outdoor South Australia


Ok it’s time to get the ball rolling. I ordered some ilgm strawb kush seeds and gold leaf seeds on the 21.9. Talking to a friend he was concerned that by the time the seeds make their journey from the other side of the world that I’d have missed a large chunk of my veg growing time and with this being my first crack at it, my yield might disappoint me. He saw how determined I was to get something in the ground that he donated me a clone to play with. I transplanted her (josey) into my vegi patch on the 24.9. I’d already ordered the ilgm seeds but with the 28 days est delivery time I was going to save them for next season. That was until five days later when the postman delivered me a nice surprise from ilgm. Yep my beans were here. 1 of each in a glass of water to soak on the 29.9. Seeds cracked and tailed 30.9 and both planted on the 1st October. My strawberry kush in next to josey the clone in the vegie patch and a little stealth growing up a tree in a pot of cheap potting mix topped with some seed starter mix for my goldleaf. Yesterday 5.10 they both stuck their heads out the ground to say hello. That’s only 14 days from the order being placed online to being a living breathing thing in my garden. Now that’s service.

so there’s my girls. Early days but just watched jack the giant slayer with the kids so anything is possible. Fingers crossed


Best of luck ill be here if you have any questions


Welcome to Ilgm, congratulations on your beans showing up so soon!
Lots of helpful people and info here.
Keep em green :sunglasses:


Wicked best of luck brother and have fun


Thanks everyone, I’ll be sure to post questions as I get them, things progressing daily, as far as outdoor goes so far, fingers crossed.

1st question. Is the yellowing on the ends of the bottom leaves of this young unknown clone just stress from being transplanted and from going indoor to outdoor? 2nd question. Do I leave them on or pull them off? The rest looks green and vibrant. She’s in an old vegie patch that I turned over and added a little potting mix but only the cheap stuff from the supermarket. Question 3. I’m not really restricted by height but intend to tie her back slightly when she grows up, with this in mind is it worth topping her? And if so, when does that get done for a clone outdoors? Thanks in advance :wink:


Better photo off yellowing leaves x crispy tips


@Powaforce,nice to meet you mate,great pics,is good to hear you got thru our strict banks,i tried 3 an none would let me order.can i ask what temps an humidity you have you got at the moment,?.will tag an enjoy watching :slight_smile:


Rust? A fungus that does similar damage to plants! Just a guess because I am going through something similar as well! Cheers!


Day temp between 20C-27C
Night temp between 12C-18C
Humidity has been between 30%-40%.
Nice to meet you also, I was very happy with the posty. My Mrs cracked the fruity when I told her I’d ordered them, she was sure they would get stopped somewhere. I already had them in water and she was still on about it lol boy was she quiet when i showed her. Worth every $ right there. Where in aus are you @aus123556


Have you got a pic? How long since you noticed it?


They started outdoors due to warmer climate! The rust was given off by my herbs placed outdoors. The rust occurred After a week outdoors. I gave them a good neem oil application mixed in with ILGM’s plant protector. After to applications it stopped spreading. Lost the bottom leaves due to the rust.


I did a few grows in South Australia years ago. Naracoorte to be exact. I’d highly suggest a vented humidity dome and shade cloth once it outgrows the dome. Your plant is heat stressed already and it’s only going to get worse.


I’ve got the shade cloth but only second month of spring so haven’t got it up. If it’s struggling now wait till she sees 40C. She might dry and cure where she falls lol


Hay bro yes i would get rid of em because your plant is putting a lot of its growth into fixing them !@#$ed leaves :leaves: so trim em off and she should bomme even more have you been feeding her?? If so what?


Position the shade cloth so that it is blocking a good amount of the midday sun. She’ll bounce back right quick, no wuckers! It’ll harden to the sun as it grows, but you’ll probably need the shade for the duration.


Nah I haven’t fed her. The patch I’ve got her in was really overgrown with all sorts of stuff but the soil itself looked really dark and rich, I was hoping whatever is in there would almost get me thru but I’m open to suggestions. I’ve taken those bottom two leaves off now. It’s only going to be 20C building to 25C next weekend so I’m going to see how she goes without those bottom leaves before I wack up the shade cloth at this stage but I’ll be keeping a close eye on her. Thanks guys :wink:


Tell the local garden center bloke you’re growing special tomatoes and need to feed them. He’ll sort you out with whatever is best. Availability in Aus is tough, but there should be something that’ll get them through. Cheers!


I would still maybe in next week or so give her feed of thirive full of nitrogen good for veg


Oh yeah, one more thing.

top or bottom one? I planted my ilgm strawb kush exactly where the bottom seedling is but to me as an amateur the top one looks more like the kush.bottom one up close top one up close. We did have a bit of a downpour thru the night after she was planted.


Looking nice and healthy to me