First season, starting late, outdoor South Australia


Oh and


1 more thing. When I was Reading journals pre scrog, I think I only recall 1 post saying how addictive and time consuming it is. I can’t help but pushing shade leaves back thru the scrog screen and stretching them to the next square. I reckon I could spend an hour 3 times a day tucking and weaving. I’ve got 4 kids and 6 racing greyhounds and a full time job and I find myself neglecting them all, on my hands and knees behind the tomatoe plants to tuck just a few more leaves. I LOVE IT. Lol


You sure are stretched thin… all that AND a full time job?!! Days must be longer down under!! :wink:
As soon as my 3 big girls are harvested, the 2 clones will move into the tent with scrogs :sunglasses: I’m looking forward to the obsession… and have nothing but a full-time job and a singe lazy dog to ignore :laughing:


:wink: at least you’ve now been warned. Expect to loose track of many hours. Days are very long this time of year, very convenient for our little hobby lol my favourite part of the day is that first five minutes after I get home from work and I see all those smiling little faces greeting me. They grow so much every day… Then the kids realise I snuck in thru the back gate and the serenity is lost. Usually the dogs give me away wanting a pat and some tucker. I’m sure your 3 big girls will help you out with your tucking and weaving and training of the younguns :wink:


Yup it shore is bro! It workes wicked too


One tripy looking plant ayy?


Lol :joy: there doing just fine man


strawb clone
gold leaf in washing machine tub
And my favourite strawbs


They all look GREAT but I sure like gale, it’s just so cool that she’s in a tree :sunglasses:


Gale’s definitely a novelty in the tree but it comes with some problems, eg climbing tree for a start, not being able to view her from above, I can’t get around her properly and I’ve got nowhere to tie her down too now the pots completely full but me biggest concern right now is the tree she is in. Her leaves are yellowing and falling off and I’m worried about her exposing gale. I’m not sure if the tree just does that at this time of year or if my runoff is overdosing her

She’s not exposed just yet but she’s a vibrant green Bush in the middle of falling yellow leaves, I’m also wondering if I did move her out of the tree weather that would trick her into flower, she sees light for at least a few hours longer then my ground dwelling girls.
Decisions decisions!


Yeah, I can see the hassle and concern you’re facing with her. I think I’d lean toward moving her before she gets too much bigger. Was a great idea but the leaves falling off does present a potential problem.


IMG_20171218_120940_847 has anybody got the ability to check trics from this photo. My loupe isn’t here yet and my phone and camera are terrible quality.


Is there a reason I can’t use this sites zoom on my own posts?


Don’t know i clicked on it and it wouldn’t bring it up. Didn’t even try to load.
Try again, post another pic, or the same one just do another post and I’ll take a look see






Sorry mate I guess we’re having problems with the zoom. Still can’t do it.


Cranking brother


Hay how did that cutting go tge one that your kid ripped off?? Is it growing


She’s still alive. I think she’s still rooting as there isn’t a lot of new growth but that suits me fine. I’m waiting for my 4inch inline exhaust fan and filter to arrive so I can kick my fridge into gear. She’ll be my fridge guinea pig if everything times up right. besides I can’t really justify to the Mrs why I need to run the fridge when we have so much sun I can harness. Days start getting shorter from tomorrow but still 14.5hours. I might start giving her 6 hours in fridge after sun sets to stop her going into flower and to dial the fridge in a bit when my fan gets here.