First grow purple haze


I’m here Brother. Ohhh very very nice. She got drilled. Lol… Now she’ll give up the internal goodness and swell. Nicely done. Gonna start at the beginning and give it a read. Thanks.


Kick ass bro. @basementstealth Your main looks outstanding. Take pics of it everyday from the same angle, distance, and zoom to see how much it swells from the drilling. I’m curious too. I couldn’t tell a difference on mine but I hope you can.


Love that under shot of the SCROG. They all look amazing.


getting close now!


Question … will light leaks cause end of flowering plants to spit out more white pistils and be slow to ripen and keep popping sugar leaves? @garrigan65
@raustin @dbrn32 you are the light man, know much about what leaks can cause a late flowering plant to do


idk good question


ive always heard about light leaks affecting hermie or return to veg


Not usually caused by light leaks, I agree with @basementstealth there. I’ve noticed with longer flowering sativa they seem to spit pistils in like 3 or so rounds. But they are usually heavy production each time. If you have a plant that’s just throwing some random pistils that’s pretty good indication that end is near usually. Commonly referred them as plant making last ditch effort to pollinate.


You don’t want a light leak. You can actually get seeds in the buds nearest the leak, so avoid it.


Light leaks could cause your plant to hermie big time. No leaks at all durning 12/12


I had bad leaks this whole run and didn’t get anything but bud rot and white pistils at end ill try to be more care full I took all the lights down … reconfigured everything on a new quick pulley system so all 3 lights can go up and down simultaneously I had to do each one ghetto fishing line holding everything up I trust my mono and knot tying but still scary with with paracord and friction clips I used a little chain fashioned all fixtures to gather and ran a dowel through the chains and there all nice and level and go up and down in a winch no more sweating my ass off lol… each fixture went in one at a time so I couldn’t of planned for it anyway I’m running a single 400 4200k host now for veg so I should see a drastic jump in growth … as soon as the light turned on 5 minutes all tops were aimed strait at it … I’m excited to see them to narrow morning as they have been spread so far away from cfl ghetto rig they have been starving for light since transplant got all the good nutes now lights cameras action


Took some trich pics of the right one. I see mostly clear. Thinking it may be more than 10 days out. Today is 58 days from flip. It was the clone from the small main top. It took root 137 days ago.


I agree, you’ve got more than 10 days to go.


Hey @dbrn32
I’m looking to add another light to my flower room to put between the other two. Would you recommend the same build or switch to cobs or do something different?


Man those girls look absolutely spectacular. I cant wait to hear your yields Red. Its gone be crazy


Thursday November 29
Days from flip
Left 42 days
Right 63 days
Closet 36

The left scrog is starting to surpass the right. It’s also starting to turn lime green while ppms and pH remain high.
The closet is really cramped and humid. I am thinking about striping all the fans. They’re at 36 days minus 10 transition so I think I’ll be alright. You guys have any thoughts? @MattyBear haven’t heard from you in a while…

Hah! :point_up: JK

The right is getting closer but still has a way to go

:v: :sunglasses:


@Redeyedranger Good golly, Miss Molly. Those all look Spectacular.


Sorry Red, I’ve been in the lab mostly as of late. Plants are looking good! :wink::v:


Yea man you probably been saying that longer then me but I say good golly miss molly all the time


You have the two strip lights on 2x4 plates right? How big of canopy are you looking to flower with it?