First grow purple haze


Man those scrogs are sexy af. N the left is CHASING her down. Love the colorful trichs. Just outstanding work :clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5:


Hey dB,
Yeah I have 2 2x4 strips. Looking for 8 or 9x6 canopy cover.
You have any thoughts on striping the fans in the closet?


How do I get in the lab @Redeyedranger @MattyBear? Anybody? :frowning:


I am screwed on work today alternator replacement is taking me all day to hunt it down… anyway looks like I might have some time to build a scrog I’m gonna try this scrog sog hybrid I think


Have you already paid and all that? Or do you mean that part?


Link to it? Anything. Thanks.


Well they already took the link down. It was only up for about a week. But you might have luck by emailing customer service.


I’m not sure what you mean by stripping fans in closet?

9’x6’ pretty big. I’d say you’re pretty solid for a 5x5 right now. How you move forward depends a lot on what you want to do. You already have an idea of how to build what you have, and how to use them. But if you’re wanting to try something different cobs are good too. You could probably do a row of cobs between each of your fixtures and another on the outside of each and get close.


Hey @spyonyou
I copied this from my email

I’m sorry for overlooking your last email. Please follow this link to get access to the VIP forum:


Cool so 3 rows of cobs sounds good. I was looking at data sheets for the Vero SE series. Does that 6th bullet point mean I can change clor temp?

I guess I just need a supply list and maybe a supplier when you have time.
Thanks man


Oh and the closet query was from my last update (yesterday)


Glad they still have a way to get the forum only price. Thanks for posting it.


Probably wasn’t supposed to…


Lol that’s probably what happened after I posted it when they got it opened for me lol. They got hit with 200 request in a hour after lol.


I’m pretty sure that references how they test color, I’m not aware of anything in the vero29 line that’s tunable. Wouldn’t surprise though, I may have just not seen them yet. I know they have that capability.


I was probably looking at the wrong one lol! I didn’t see anything about 29


You know those are like 18 watt cobs at max current right? At test current like 9 watts. Not that you can’t use them, but you’d need a shitload of them. You’d really want bigger cobs for a big space.

I was actually going to try something like a 50 watt build with them on some 2.079 from heatsink usa maybe next year. I have a couple pieces of the 2.079 leftover is all, and you can get those cobs for a few bucks each. But they would be more ideal for smaller spaces or trying too get just a little more light coverage.


Yeah just proof that I don’t know what I’m doing.
So I’ll trust your expertise.
You tell me what to get and I’ll get it. Like last time


Hahahaha, that’s no fun! Vero29c is still best one out I think. I think simulator had them 2.5 umol/joule at 1050ma when I ran the different meanwell drive currents. Funky voltage though kinda had them a little more difficult to fit drivers.

You could probably consider the pucks from chilled tech too, but I would definitely configure a different way if you use those, and it would probably get pretty expensive. What did you spend again building your other lights?


400 each I believe for everything

Ill probably go with the Vero29. How many do I need? And what drivers?