First grow purple haze


So gorgeous! Can’t wait to see how much weight you get from them!


Thanks doob. Haven’t harvested with it yet but I like it so far


Thank you @Drillbit
I’m guessing 12 zips on the right and of course hoping for more


Holy Moses! I haven the been over here for quite some time but I knew I had to check out your thread! You are astounding! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving - you had a bountiful harvest with more to come! Best, Jeb


Oh wow! @Momtomask It’s so nice to hear from you! I asked about you a while back and the over there ppl said you were super busy learning and harvesting. Ill bet its been awesome. I hope you and yours are doing well. Would love an update! Thank you for the kind words. Have a great Thanksgiving too!
Thanks for all the likes


I posted a quick update on my thread to give you an idea of the fun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::scream:


@raustin what type of soil do you recommend for my grow starting from the time my seed pops until harvest. I’m new and I want to keep it simple. I do know not to use Miracle Gro or any other time released products. How many time will I be transplanting. Thank you in advance.


Man all your ladies are looking great! I love your scrogging skills. That is awesome!


Foxfarm Ocean Forest is a very good soil for a beginner, you won’t have to add any nutes until you start to flower.


@raustin awesome. My head is just swimming with all the info I’m taking in. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the help.


@Psu8286 welcome to the best grow forum on the internet ILGM has lots of great people and info. Enjoy and tag me in your grow!!


There’s a lot of info to take in, I know. If you ever need help, just tag me.


Thank you. I’ve read your name in a lot of post and read nothing but compliments and good things about your knowledge. I’ll be hitting you up a lot. Thank you


Gobble gobble :turkey::pig2::bread::bacon::bacon: :pie: :cake:
Happy Turkey Day everyone


Friday November 23
Days from flip
Left 36
Right 57
Closet 30
They’re all comin along. Right has yellowed almost all fans. Only the “top” cola’s leaves remain somewhat green and of course all sugar leaves are green. I figure she’s got 10 more days til harvest. Nothing but pHed water from here on out. Today’s out was 760 ppm. The girls in the closet are pretty cramped. Not much light penetration goin on. Left is thick and beautiful. The lowest cola is starting to yellow while ppm remains high at around 2300 out. pH has remained high throughout the grow at 7.0-7.5. Still dialing in my nutes…





Looks so awesome! Thanks for the upskirt shots! That is a true dream scrog for me!


Lookin good!


photo bomb

made for pose purposes. bit removed immediately

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