First grow, need help?


The brown edges are a sign of nute burn or overwatering.

two of three pics show that…especially the bigger one in the clear cup. both the cupped seedlings are past due to have a 5 gallon home.

PPM is high of two of the plants. Test strips and colored water are worthless for accurate PH reading.

Growing IS a learning process. Keep in mind diff strains grow diff. Best to get comfy with one that does what you want. Learn to read the leaves…crinkled is showing a little too much of something. PH or ntutes are usually the cause. Curled leaves…major nute overload.

KISS…keep it simple and dun stress yourself.


I was using the colored water to ph my water before but i bought a Ph meter & Ppm meter and i keep a journal of the results everytime now. trying to get these girls back on track.
Seedling plants will be transplanted today into a 2 Gallon home for the next couple weeks.

thank you for the feed back any more suggestions would help alot.


yes, I read you did not have PH n PPM meter till recently. colored water PH’g not good.
are you planning to put these outdoors?

if not trans to a 5 gallon


transplant to a 5 gallon on all of the plants?? i have a 1.5 cubic feet of Foxfarm ocean forest. i can transplant tonight when i get home.

or should i transplant all the oldest


close up on plant B.


Successful tranplant


Sorry just seen your request. You should be out of jail now… Lol…


Plants are starting to bounce back. You’re getting good advice here. Keep it slow and steady. You’ll be fine…


Watering day. wanted to update.
Plant A - 6.67pH 189ppm
Plant B - 6.53pH 196ppm
plant C - 6.74pH 174ppm


will check run off here in a little & record that on my journal as well.


when should i update on the girls again? (Stuck on 3 reply lock NOW)


Here ya’ go. You should be out of reply jail now.


after applying the little sticks on the pot from keeping the leafes from touching the dirt. None of the leafes are dying of falling off anymore. also wanna add the one plant that i had nutrients burn too i cut offall the leafes except the top ones. so the plant can give more nutrients it needs to better leafes or better nodes.

& plant B has a kind of green neon color too it can anybody help on if its too high pH. too lowPH or what am i doing wrong?


plant A looks green green healthy stocky. compared to neon green plant B


Hi @Dame619

The plant’s leaf color can vary slightly, epsecially if they have taken different types of damage when younger. The older stuff that was damaged won’t recover or return to its ideal green color. If the new stuff is looking good and coming out a consistent green (it should start a lighter green when coming out of the node and then transition to a consistent green as it grows to a mature leaf), that is good. If you are hitting your plants at 6.5pH, managing your ppms, and getting 6.3 to 6.8 pH, your plants are set up for success. If you got any new “non-blurple” pics, we’ll take them. Hope all is well


@Sixpackdad did u ask for pictures not using the grow light??? but i have a journal & record my pH & my Ppm when i water & on the run off. compare the results & try to do the same ph if one plant likes it. im really trying to get these girls back on travk & trying to be patient


i can upload pictures of phone flash if you guys want?


@DoobieNoobie this thread


Post pics of the problem. Yes in plain light not grow lights. I’ll try read back up and catch up


not problem i hope now but i have been out of town & havent checked on them they have been on a 18/6 cycle