Familymans Mixed Bag Grow


So, out of the liquid I have made, how much oil will that reduce to?


I’ll watch it again.


Thanks for all the help too!


118 grams of trimmings get me almost 1 oz of oil i believe it fills up 12 3 tsp syringes and a little bit left over this is where all the popcorn buds come in handy


I lied im sorry it’s not 3tsp syringes it’s 3ml syringes


@ThcinKC So, when I reduced the qt of tinture i got maybe 2 tsp of oil. Is that normal?? Here are the finished product. I’m not even sure if they’ll work.


How many amps for your circuit fuse? Nice work, looks great!


Thanks. 15 amps


So I ate 5 of them. Seems like it took about an hour to kick it but they do work


I was gonna say, send em over and I’ll let you know :joy:


Yeah it reduces a huge amount it takes a quarter pound of trimmings before you really see some oil and i have learned that if i want to make some i will let a couple plants have popcorn buds for this along with the trimmings i got a distiller so i can reclaim at least half of the everclear and i have a beaker with a port to reclaim more of the everclear on a magnetic hot plate stirrer .


I was able to make about 300 gummies and the reminants I just poured out and then cut into squares.


You could’ve dusted them with canna sugar for maximum dosage! @ThcinKC


Canna sugar?! Do tell! And i wanna make some as well. Molds in cart now. Think ima need more as well. Only have bout a pint sized jar in the freezer. @Familyman it reduced to 2 tsps seriously? Dang


I didn’t think of that


Yeah but I probably screwed it up lol. Who knows. It was kinda a lot of work for what it is.


I really really like gummis tho :joy::joy:. Cant i just mix it with the canna everclear?


The everclear will make it slimy or runny i tried that a couple times


Dangit. Looks like ill be evap’n in the @blackthumbbetty mold :joy::joy:. Its day 3. So i remove plant matter n leave in cool dark place with loose lid? Or remove lid?


Without the lid.