Familymans Mixed Bag Grow


I used everclear.


That video i posted will help out alot it was a tremendous help to me making oil for my mom’s liver cancer



Let me know how your gummy bears turn out
I bet they’re going to send you to the 4th dimension


I took some of the unreduced tincture out with me last night so some friends could sample. Pretty sure they all had a good time lol. I will definetly let you know. Amazon should be bringing me my molds today so I can get started.


Arts and Crafts time today. Thank you amazon gods.


Hell yeah let the gummy bears come to life



Hopefully I don’t screw it up


Green, must be lime, :slight_smile:

I’ve never seen this before.


When you reduce its going to change from green to black and check it right before all the green goes out. I used a digital inferred thermometer to keep a eye on the temperature while reducing its 20 dollars from harbor freight


I’m going to use a crock pot



@ThcinKC what consistency do you shoot for.


A little bit of thicker syrup or honey


Awesome. Think this will work for me??


You probably want a smaller jar or something with a easier way to scrap the oil out of your jar let alone being able to clean it


I think I may have an actual lab beaker


That is what i use


Did you watch that video you will see right when it turns from green to black and it will be probably 3 to 4 hours when you are done