Familymans Mixed Bag Grow


If you’re evaporating open air i’d suggest sticking a coffee filter over the top just to help keep anything from getting in like dust, bugs, etc.


Update time. Things are just vegging along. Nothing great to report.


As soon as my NL bush out some I’ll be flipping them.


They look really healthy.


Thanks. The mega crop seems to be working well.


Also, the plants on the far right are planted in coco and the others are FFOF. it’s looking like the coco plants are bigger.


@ThcinKC @PurpNGold74 @Familyman
Dissolve desired amount of flower in everclear, mix into sugar, spread on cookie sheet to dry. When the everclear is gone, and the sugar is dry again, you should be good to add to anything like normal.
@crazyots was the one that originally posted that one.


Here are some updated pics. Not much to report. Just veg veg veg. I’ll be flipping them in about 10 days I think.


Uploading: 7DD1F854-2C9A-4133-8B64-42E5EF3A8488.jpeg… Uploading: 128A9708-D951-4804-AC09-AB1193691C71.jpeg…



@dbrn32 my driver will be here Friday! Looks like I have a weekend project!


Very nice!


I had to order it from TRC because everyone else was out of them until mid feb.


Arrow just had discount codes lol. Trc is legit, they even have a sales person reach out to you every once in a while.


The drivers are kinda hard to find deals on. I’ll most likely be building a second light in a week or so too and I’ll check them out again.


I have running list in my head of stuff I need or want, then just see what i have for extra cash when decent discount code is available.


Tax return is coming so my list keeps growing lol


So, more boring veg pics. The Jack Herer and Blue cheese are Fawking beasts! I’m gonna start taking a bunch of clones once my additional lights are up and running in the grow room.


They are beastly aren’t they :wink: Looks great!


Thanks. Loving the mega crop and coco coir.