Familymans Mixed Bag Grow


So, my next grow has been underway for a few weeks and will be my 3rd one so far. For this one, I have northern lights, Cali snow, sour diesel, blue cheese, and Jack Herer. The sour d, blue cheese, and JH are in coco. I’m using mega crop nutes for all the plants. The other plants are in FFOF. A lot of different variable and comparisons for future grows. There is a total of 18 plants and they are in 2 and 3 gallon pots. I also have some black widow seedlings started but those will be another grow with more sour d and gold leaf.
@dbrn32 @MattyBear @Missiles @DoobieNoobie @GreenJewels @PurpNGold74 @MamaMia
If I forgot someone sorry and y’all welcome to come along.



Good luck with this one too!


Thanks. I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire right now lol. Oh well, if your gonna be a bear, be a grizzly.


@dbrn32 and the new electric circuit is probably the best upgrade so far. So much better.


That’s great! Irons in fire good too, I was just telling couple of the boys I was kinda bored. Not so bored I’ll be messing around in my cold ass garage though.


You are busy @Familyman ! But who could resist more plant :grin:. You know I’m always watching :wink:


I hear that. Bitter cold coming next week.


I’m liking mixing in the autos with the photos. It’s helping my output


Too cold for me anyway. Especially when you most of day out in it, last thing I’m doing when I get home


It definitely is! You can’t beat it especially their turnaround time.


Lol you just keep adding more and more. lol I’m in the process of adding more myself.


Why not right. No one ever says you have too mich weed.


Haha so true


Once I start taking clones form the sour d and JH I’ll steam line my strains I’m growing. There is just so much I want to try. I shooting for 4 core strains to grow and then maybe a 5 th for personal stash.


I do have some Pineapple Express, critical jack and more blue berry autos for some fill.


@dbrn32 how you feel about me getting 3 or 4 of these?


Been stinking hot here, lots of records broken :sweat_smile:


Watching :eyes:


Price is right. Higher voltage on them isn’t as flexible for driver fitting. Its basically 1 or 2 boards per driver.