Familymans Grow 2.0: Grow Of the Clones


U got what? 40 going??? I think u want more diversity? But good god man whats ur energy bill looking like?


Power where I live is expensive regardless and I live in a larger old house. Raised the bill about $40 month.


Thats not so bad. Especially considering ur looking at $10k worth of reefer


@PurpNGold74 Like you said, “it’s an investment”


Also gotta stop giving out so many samples.


Haha. Ur just getting ur name to ringing. Im sure the quality speaks for itself. But not a bad bizness model. I bet Lroger made millions off ham samples on a toothpick.


The only complaint I’ve had is that I’m currently out and people want more.


Increasing ur demand… now ur thinking like a mogul :wink:


People are amazed it’s home grown. Like a home grower isn’t going to put there soul into there product. I blows my mind that it has that label attached to it.


Because homegrown always had a :poop: reputation around here. Was usually regular/mid grade bag seed. Harsh and poorly dry/cured. Harvest early. Wet n moldy. The list goes on.

Considering how much weed i smoke (thus how many diff people have grown what im intaking, no matter how poorly cared for) The HEALTH benefits alone are worth the risk of growing my own meds


Home grown has come a long way then. I’m told my stuff is some of the best they’ve smoked etc. not bragging, just stating facts :rofl:


I think genetically the stuff everyone can get there hands on has grown exponentially. And with my need to breed im chasing a 30%er thc wise. U couldnt find that in the 80s smoking with Snoop. :joy::joy::joy:. Know what u mean by ‘best thing smoking’. First harvest was absolutely nothing really. Had no flowering nutes. No pH meter. And 40 watts of cfl light… But the quality was best ive ever smoked. Cleanest high. And amazing taste.


This sounds like easy opportunity to fix. The ones you figure you’ll be tossing a little weed anyways, you tell them that if they could donate a little cash to expense helping you expand you’ll be more than happy to make it worth their while once you harvest. The others, you hit them on the back end lol.

Growing weed for yourself is relatively cheap once you’re setup. And it doesn’t take an extravagant setup to support even a super pothead habit. But it’s real damn expensive to be supporting everyone else’s habits lol.


This is the setup I’m looking for😉. LMAO


You will be setup well with new stuff. The right people are making sure you’ll have weed coming out of your ears in no time.


That is what this pothead is aiming for :wink:. Just waiting on my light :sunglasses:


Yup that second tent is gonna be the kicker here. Your production is about to blow uppppp :joy:. N i just made half a long ass update to be logged out. :man_facepalming:t5::man_facepalming:t5:


Shit I probably only smoked an 1/8th out of my first grow total. I’m no pot head by any means. Lol. Also, 4/4 on the black widow seeds! Plant count now goes to 38!


Well ima uber pothead. I think 10 ozs in hand would be bout a 2 month stash. Higher grade and joint papers means i should go down in consumption… but i cant make no promises :joy::joy:


Last I calculated, me and my wife go through 3-4 pounds a year of just smoking flower… :grimacing::man_shrugging: The more you have on hand, the more you’re gonna smoke haha