Familymans Grow 2.0: Grow Of the Clones


So, I decided the best way to get over the old girls, would be to get some new girls. For this grow, I will again be growing in soil. 8 NL will be in FFOF, 3 will be in NFTG soil #4, and the 2 BB autos will be in the same. I’m also trying airpots for the BBA. In this grow, I hope to successful grow and harvest my 11 northern lights clones, and learn how to grow autos. I also am going to clone the NL for a second time. all plants will be in a amended SOG. I say Ammended because I have done some fimming on the clones while they have been vegging in my small tent until the other plants were done flowering. They are also all in 2 gallon pots. I’m ultimately seeing if I prefer the grow multiple small plants or few large ones. Feel free to make an opinion on it.
Tonight was spent cleaning my grow room and putting 2 BBA seeds into the cup for sprouting. In the morning, hopefully they will have cracked. Thanks for coming along with me on another adventure.


You’ve been invited
@raustin @MamaMia @Alex.Andra @PurpNGold74 @blackthumbbetty @DoobieNoobie and anyone else that cares. Lol


Woohoo! I hope this one goes even better than the last. I’m definitely along for the ride.


Sweet brotha. I’m excited about the blueberry. My neighbor said it’s one of his favorites. Those 2 plants are just for me and my crew.


I’ll be following. Curious to see how you’ll like the NFTG #4. I’m using it my next grow as well. Are you going to be running the NFTG nutes again for this grow?


Heck yeah. That blueberry was my only concern in the auto mix pack. I’m definitely curious how it goes.


Thank you for inviting me @Familyman good luck with the girls but after your first frow this one will be a piece of cake for ya… Good luck but im sure you dont need it :wink:


im set to watching


I’m here and watching. Good luck with the grow!


choo choo jumping on that train… I be watching. I am growing right now in the NFTG#4 soil and using their nutrients. Like to see what other think of it.


Yup. I’m sold on them. The smoothness of the smoke is the bonus.


Thanks. Hopefully it’s better than the last and I wasn’t just beginners luck.


Late (as usual) but set to watching! :beers::beers: to another outstanding grow broham. :muscle:t5: on them clones.


Thanks brotato chip!


Debating on whether I should clone them again or start fresh for the round after this. :thinking:


Thanks all. I feel like such a part of a family here.


Always take clones. If only for motherhood n nostalgic purposes. Wait til u know who has the best smoke tho


It’s all good. Lol


All 4 from diff seeds? Someone has to be just ‘easier’ n better


i love all the bromeraderie, brogan