Familymans Grow 2.0: Grow Of the Clones


@Familyman We’re runnin’ head to head Brother. 19 flowering 19 clones, oh shit forgot to add the 2 seedlings; Daphne & Thelma for the grow off. 40… Now ya gotta drop 2 more. This could turn into a @Cowboy @hogmaster scenario… Lol…


@OldSchoolGrower this puts me at 40 now :astonished:


Rockin’ -N- Rollin’ Brother. "Got It Goin’ -N- Got It Growin’…


Hahahaha. Now i gotta get my plant count up. :thinking::thinking: 8 seeds and more clones!!! It must be done


They are black widow. Once I get some stuff into the flower room, I’ll pop some gold leaf and pineapple chunk


So, folks. Tonight is zero dark thirty for this grow. Giving a final drink, drilling the stems and walking away. Thanks all to @dbrn32 @MattyBear @PurpNGold74 @Missiles @raustin @OldSchoolGrower @DoobieNoobie and anyone’s else who contributed. Gonna be a snowy weekend here so I figure I wouldn’t be missing much sitting in my garage trimming.


Congrats @Familyman!


Sweet! Nice work again!


We shall see what she brings. I learned a lot more this grow. Especially when it comes to nutes. I’ll tag you guys into my next grow. The Blueberry strikes back.


Trichs are all cloudy now with a touch of amber. I’m good to go with them.


Awesome. Sounds like good weather to have busy work indoors for sure.


That’s the plan my friend.


Gotta love IL. Sixty degrees yesterday. 35 and Gail winds today. Saturday snow :roll_eyes:


Haha yeah it’s been crazy here to. But we don’t get much winter weather here compared to you guys.


Blueberry autos temporary home.


Congratulations @Familyman ! They all look beautiful. You’re going to have a lot of trimming to do that’s for sure. Maybe you can get help trimming this time like you did last time :wink:. I’m excited for you!


That’s a plan but then I have to give him free weed #weedmiser. Thank you very much. I screwed up on the ph and burned the hell out of them but other than that it was really smooth.


No they still look good! I gave mine nute burn and had pH problems also. You’re still going to have an awesome Harvest!


Congrats on making it to the end bro! ShowOff got the ax last night. The rest can go a bit longer. Cant wait to see what u pull


I’m not expecting a bumper crop but we shall see starting tomorrow. Thanks. How’s your yield looking??