Easter Babies/Big Bud & Family 1st Grow


You can start to LST your girls at a very young age without any problems… low stress training… :wink:
They will love you for it… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Really, never saw this method before, but that don’t mean nothin :joy:… is there a picture anywhere? I’m not getting that visual I need to do this right. What does LST stand for?


I need a picture to get the visual on how to do this… or video like fimming. Believe it or not I don’t have any yarn or string. Tried some ribbons but didn’t work right. I’ll have to get yarn or string… still working on it


@bonnie1 i use bread ties…i believe they have numerous vids on youtube…maybe some info here also…look around when you can.
Low Stress Training…bending and munipulating branches to shape your plant…
kind of like bonsai growing…lol


@bonnie1…look at my pictures…you will see the string holding my plants down to the grid.


LST means low stress training. That means just bending gently without cracking the stem (super cropping) and tying down.


I see the way to tie scrog but not my big plants in their grow bag. Just watched couple videos and getting the visual now. I’m going to try a few different methods to see if I can get it to at least bend to one side maybe use scotch tape or string, I’m working on it. They are getting too big for this tent. Might have to rearrange again it’s just the humidity in the big tent is way too high for flowering stage. I’ll get back to you on LST and how successful I am. :grimacing::seedling:


I managed to tape down some big leaves which helped to bend the girls, then I used garbage bag ties to hook as low to base and pulled and hooked to handle of grow bag and it worked!! Used scotch tape, saw on one of the videos I watched. I pulled very gently until they leaned naturally to one side then used the tie. There is a little more room in tent and my girls will get maximum light on all the nodes… producing more weed!!:grimacing: Thanks a lot, been very helpful and patient now I have 4 more to do! :joy:


@Rugar89… you have been very helpful with all your information, pics and advice. Just want you to know that I did LST my two biggest girls today, first with tape then with bag ties(made hook). Watched videos till I understood… now I have 4 more to do. So I’ve fimmed and did LST, I’m a happy grower :grimacing::herb::seedling: thanks again for all your help and links… it’s good to be able to refer back to them.


I did it today with bread ties and scotch tape very gently. Starting with one side leaning. Watched videos. Maybe I should get the trellis now and hang it above the plants. Or should I wait for more growth to come? Once I do that they can’t be moved anymore right? Want to scrog but thought they were too big but it just takes time for things to come together. I’ll get the carbon and fan together one of these days :grimacing:


@bonnie1 I am only speaking for myself here but, you should be very proud of how far you’ve come on this grow! If you go back and read how “clueless” you were at the beginning and just how far you’ve come, I think you would agree. Lots of great folks helping but you have to do the work. Nice job and keep it up!!


What a wonderful compliment!! I still feel clueless at times, but you are right… I’ve come a long way since I began my new hobby. I know I’ll never stop learning, there’s always something new. I couldn’t bend the girls real far but I think I did it right. I’ll wait till they need water and check. I’m still very careful with nutes, haven’t given any lately since they seem fine without them right now but will be challenged in the flowering stage. Thanks again :smiley:


@bonnie1…I know I sure learned a lot during my first grow…I also didn’t have a clue what I was doing but I learned along the way. Second grow and I still picked up a few new tricks. The more you grow the more you learn and the better you get at it!


Why is my site hung up here? Shows no activity and I’m on it almost everyday?


I’m confused with this site again. Why do I have two journals? This should show all activity under big bud & family first grow and it’s separated into two journals. I don’t know :woman_shrugging:


Hey… I’m setting up scrog this weekend and taking pics regardless of how they come out. Just heard a lot of ffof soil has bugs. That worries me, too many things can happen as it is without bugs being in expensive soil. So far I don’t have any and haven’t seen any. I’ll keep getting it where I get it. Why isn’t my complete journal in here? Seems to be two sites with same name, thought all my information was on the journal I started?


@Kapelady… hey how are you and how’s your grow? Must be in jars by now? This site is confusing to me cause I started a journal but ended up here, so I have to hunt for certain info. and I know you have another topic, I’ll look at it later. Busy this week with family stuff… graduations. Anyway getting net up and pics this weekend, just need time, plus nutes. What kind of nutes did you do during veg? My girls look good so not doing much but know I have to apply nutes during flowering and thought I’d do a small dose this weekend. Did you do full amount of nutes like schedule?




@bonnie1…Yes my second grow is now in jars! I yielded 2.25 ounces from 2 girls! Now I can relax this summer and not worry about another grow until the fall.


That’s fantastic!! I’ll probably never get to take time off from growing now…cause I’ll never have enough, lol. Is your weed good?