Easter Babies/Big Bud & Family 1st Grow


Easter Babies, Big Bud & Family are doing fine and in the veg stage now. I have one more little girl that needs to be transplanted into 3 gal bag. I’m ordering another 300W LED light for total of 870W. Six plants… 2 germinated on 5/2. Gonna be a challenge! My ph, my soil ffof, lights, are all good. Only using 1/4 teaspoon big bloom in ph water, ph measured 6.3 so went with that. Directions say can be used for seedlings & early veg stage. Only used twice, going to get “grow” I guess, was recommended. Girls are lookin mighty fine, I think. Will get to hydro store this weekend. Humidity high, bought $40 dehumidifier but haven’t used yet, having hard time fitting everything in tent already. Also need good clamps for hanging lights, those straps scare me and the other ones from amazon are too big & bulky. Pics to follow as soon as my mother leaves tomorrow, lol… finally started my journal that I thought I already had! :roll_eyes::seedling:


Can’t wait to see it


Hey Hogmaster thanks for your speedy reply. Love that pic! I have another topic going, is it alright to start this journal too? Still don’t know what I’m doing :joy::joy: rethinking using big bloom, shouldn’t have done it, I’ll keep my eye on it. Going to water again couple days and test runoff. I worry about those nutes. Will send pic Sunday


You have no need to worry just be easy on the nutes start quarter strength work your way up to have strength all the way to full strength if you’re comfortable with that


Thanks for the peace of mind! Was worried, now I’m not. When I went back to tent after watered with nutes, looked like a lighter green hue on top of some plants. My eyes could’ve been playing tricks on me but I moved my lights up and misted with ph water. I’m going to check my girls now, still fighting colder temps at night. Going on 18/6 turning lights off at 8 pm for temp reasons


Here’s a pic. Remember Big Bud was fimmed wrong and too early


My pics aren’t upside down this time they’re sideways! Wthell, can’t seem to get a good pic with the site’s camera. After moving lights up a bit, in one day plants started growing upward not outward like before, hard to tell with these pics. Could that happen? I need someone to tell me how my girls look!


There looking pretty good to me😁


Thank you :blush:


Hey, @Hogmaster what’s up. Just discovered little black coming through on edge of leaf (amnesia haze), have to get better pic. Can’t figure out which deficiency it can be, there’s so many. Still haven’t picked up grow booster, going for sure tomorrow. Used little big bloom 2 days ago, not much, but will start other nutes next week unless I’m having a problem. What could black or dark on edges of leaf be, can’t find? Do you know?


I would be able to diagnose a lot better with a picture in natural light if you could do that


I know, of course you’re right. I’ll get a good pic of the problem a little later, I appreciate your help and patience :grimacing:


I think my little girl Hazel (amnesia haze) has a phosphorus problem and maybe potassium too, I don’t know? Can I get your expert opinions? At your convenience… @Hogmaster @bob31 @McLovin777 @Macadon @Lia @Kapelady @Sl1 and anyone else I forgot. Hope my pic comes out this time. So far this is the only plant that has this. Plus, think need EC meter.


Wtf, can’t get pic sitting straight up guess I’ll turn sideways…


Not an expert, but are you maybe overwatering? Soil in pic looks very wet to me.


Nope, and only watering around plant cause was told to do that for awhile to form good root foundation. Plants were put into 3 gal bags so watering around the plant and just started watering whole bag. This plant was just watered, that’s why it looks wet but if you think this looks like overwatering, I feel better about that. I’ll wait till 3rd day before watering, just like I always do or when they’re dry, barely moist. The bottom leaves were damaged early when Easter Babies got cold and wet, the bottom leaves never got better but now see more on new leaves, this is only plant this is happening. I’ll get better pics of all my girls eventually, thanks for your reply, taking all advice I can get :grimacing:


@bonnie1 what kind of soil are you using and have you used any nutrients? I’m no expert myself but I’ve learned a little from this forum because it looks like it could be a nutrient burn maybe. You could search for that excess and nutrient deficiency chart for symptoms. If I can I’ll try to post a link. Matter fact I’ll at the experts if they are around @garrigan62 @latewood @Majiktoker @Donaldj


Thanks so much. I really haven’t used much nutrients cause I’m afraid to. But I did add little big bloom cause it said it was good for seedlings and early veg stage. Only used 1/4 tsp in quart ph water but used ph meter to measure ph with nute and it was 6.4. I misted plants with it. I’m getting ff grow for nutes and my soil is ffof.


Look at top on top of leaves


your plants are looking great @bonnie1