DownEast HIGHBUSH 2018


I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this yet but the Bubba Kush seed finally did break the surface, for a success rate of 100%!
I added my fan to the mix this morning to serve it’s dual function of providing ventilation as well as causing the strengthening of all the stems.

As soon as Bubba gets a little more exposed, the heat mat can be unplugged & go back in it’s box. That sucker really draws some power for such a small appliance. I’ll break it back out when it’s time to clone the Pineapple & Purple Hazes to double them up out in the field come June.


that is a good % @Willd
those heat mats worry me anyways,hence the reason i do not use electric blankets…lol


Progress is marvelous!! Looking great @Willd


Looking great brother. Some good strains in the lineup


Once again eagerly watching you ladies. They look great ! :us::man_farmer:


I unplugged the heat mat this morning and put the fan on a timer with random on/off cycles


Wow @Willd you have my eyes filled with envy. I am set to watching. I wish you the best of grows! Great ideas come from such passion.


Wow I’ve seen your grows you do not ph anything


Hey @Sirsmokes
Since this indoor setup is only being used as a nursery, I don’t pH or take ppm readings or any of that. These are only going to live indoors until the end of May when they go directly in the ground. Living in live soil provides the roots with a buffer which eliminates the need for taking all the readings. However, it presents a whole host of other concerns like pests, disease, and less than ideal climate conditions to contend with.
But I’ll take those risks and deal with that vs. chasing an ever elusive decimal point with my wallet. I spent < $30 total on nutrients last grow. I foolishly spent on other areas of the grow though like nylon scrog net. (useless for SCROG but just fine re purposed for pea fence next year)

I’m using ProMix BX and well water with a pH just under 7. I didn’t start feeding any of the last grow until AFTER they were outside for fear of outgrowing the nursery.
I am going to give them some light feedings this time around though knowing I can just take the skin off the greenhouse frame I’m using as an indoor tent when (and they will) they outgrow it’s confines.

I use Alaska Fish for nitrogen and CaMg+ exclusively until they’re transplanted directly in the ground in holes prepared with a combination of compost we make ourselves and seafood compost from the local AGWAY. Then I feed them the same mix of Fish and CaMg+ every 10-14 days until they show signs of flowering. After that I cut the fish back to 1/2 strength and start the liquid KoolBloom. At about 6-8 weeks into flower (depending on the progress of each individual strain) I stop the N completely and add powdered KoolBloom to the mix until 5 days before harvest, at which time I stop feeding entirely and split the stems.


Bubba Kush


Gold Leaf


Gorilla Glue




L.A. Confidential


Pineapple Haze


Pure Indica


Purple Haze


White Widow



So just like last time, a couple initially stretched toward the light despite how close I have it set. (it’s raised for taking pics here)
Bubba Kush, Gorilla Glue, and White Widow all had a rough start.
Bubba Kush took much longer than the rest to sprout.
Gorilla Glue looks deformed.
White Widow had a pigtail of a taproot and came out of the dirt looking like a corkscrew, but straightened up. Not sure what the symmetrical rust colored spots are on those leaves but I’m not concerned in the least.
If you know me, you know I don’t sweat the little stuff.


My very first plant I grew did that. Found her laying on top, out of soil. Dug her a deeper hole and all was well.

Nice lineup!