DownEast HIGHBUSH 2018


One year to the day I begin a new journal. Despite having more potential strains than the limited allowable plants per household, I have made my selections to fill all 12 spaces.

I am so pleased with Purple Haze & Pineapple Haze, 2 each of those are going in. Gold Leaf was also a big favorite, but yields so much 1 should suffice.
That leaves 7 open spots for;
ILGM Pure Indica
ILGM LA Confidential
ILGM White Widow
Northern lights XL acquired in a trade for Strawberry Kush
Bubba Kush from my 2015 harvest from clones
Jazz from a sample my neighbor grew
Gorilla glue received as a gift from a good friend

Sitting this season out (barring access to additional grow site) on the bench are;
Amnesia haze, big bud, blueberry, bubblegum, Sour diesel, strawberry Kush, and super silver haze.
Here’s our baseline.

A cool dry cellar currently housing a geranium. Two twin bulb 28 W T5 fixtures, & an 8 bulb T5 w/reflector.

Walk in greenhouse frame in the box with the cover in a bag. I will post photos of the transformation about to occur later today.

Time to soak the beans!

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Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues
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Dude im excited :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Cant believe we are here agian
Your preparations are getting started for another outdoor grow woohoo
@Willd monster garden that sgould be the name of your thread cause your going to have monsters when you move them outdoors hahahaha
Cannabis trees :evergreen_tree:


Here we go! Strapped in and set to watching :sunglasses:


Hell yeah!
Ready to watch the master in action.
I like the Dora the explorer cups too!
Starting your grow now means they’ll be vegging for 7-8 months before going to flower. They’ll be HUGE!!! Wohoo!!!


Hahaha i was going to mention the cups as well @North_East_Newbie to funny


What strains did best for you last year? I’m in same area and the mold was bad last year. I’m getting my seeds soon, a mix of auto’s and photos. I think I’m leaning towards blueberry for auto’s.


WooHoo :tada:

Happy first ILGM anniversary @Willd


Can’t wait to see what’s next season will be for you my friend :grinning:

Set to tracking :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes:


So from this;

We got this;

And now THIS!!

So far…
I find it funny a person who owns a decent sized farm asks us to winter over her geranium.
I think it’s a test…
My chores are done. Now on to errands! WooHoo :open_hands:


Hey Butch,
Gold Leaf, Pineapple Haze, Sour D, Purple Haze, Big Bud and Bubble gum were the real standouts as far as being predominantly mold free.
Most of what decided to lay off of this time around was just because I want to try a few more new strains.
Definitely repeating Purple Haze, Pineapple Haze, & Gold Leaf this year.

AVOID Chocolope, Super Silver Haze, & AK-47 outdoors. Total mold bombs.


@Willd Thanks. I will definately stay away from those ones.


He brother lools and sounds like a great lineup @Willd.



Hey William, do you gone a use this mini greenhouse to start your grow indoor ?

I have a very similar one (mine is 5×8) and I love it. It permit me to start my fruits and vegetables 3 weeks earlier outdoor and asking my self if it will be suitable for indoor growing my boose, if I making it light proof, of course :wink:


Spring seems to be sprung…I’m watching this journal :eyes: and Happy One Year Older and One Year Wiser as an ILGM Grower @Willd :cake: !!


@Willd Happy Anniversary ! Am definitely watching this. I was surprised that the SSH is a mold-growing strain. I had great luck with it, but then I am growing indoors. It did have a good yield from my one plant.

I was thinking about having an indoor greenhouse to start all my garden plants. May try to put in one cannabis plant in also. My wife has no idea what I am growing when I start the plants for the garden. When I move everything else outdoors, I will transfer it to the grow box.

Still have no resolution of the land title in PA and wonder if they are ever going to iron it out. Oh well, will just have to wait.

Good luck on your grow. Will be watching your journal. :motorcycle:


Following along if you don’t mind! Loved watching last years forest you had!


Looking good @Willd I’m with you! Grow them monsters! Maybe an outdoor SCROG for support?

“Watching” !


Ready when you are @Willd


I’m here too :nerd_face: looking forward to watching your forest develop :v::green_heart:


Hi Alain-
Yes I do. It would not survive the conditions outside though. We have persistent sustained wind here and nowhere to hide. The only spots that are not windy are in the shade. I don’t worry about making it light proof since the 12/12 photo cycle doesn’t start until they’re outdoors for a couple of months. I have a roll or mylar but might try panda film instead this time.


I got 10 stems off the Super Silver Haze out of maybe 60 stems. I really like it so I didn’t give the rest of those seeds away like I did with Chocolope and AK-47. (gave them to people I will get samples of finished product from).I think the severity of the grey mold issues so many northeastern growers dealt with last fall was a fluke.
I took half the AK prematurely to trying to stay ahead of it but ultimately it yielded lower potency nuggets and not a lot of them. I thought I’d give the remaining 1/2 a chance to mature but it succumbed to mold as well.
It wasn’t too difficult to put that in the rear view with all the other successful strains I grew so lesson learned.
I will be more proactive about preventing grey mold, cabbage looper & aphid damage and powdery mildew this grow.

Those were the most consistent issues faced last time.