DownEast HIGHBUSH 2018


All out of likes, but everything looks good as usual @Willd


OK so everyone is spread out a little more and the half dead geranium can get pruned back and set back into full light.
I put the 2 lower wattage T-5 fixtures back and mounted the larger one with the reflector from the peak of the ceiling again.



I separated the three weak looking specimens and moved them to the right side. White Widow most definitely has a congenital defect, appearing nutrient deficient right out of the gate.

Gorilla Glue, has odd ruffled leaves too.The Bubba Kush on the other hand just appears to be stunted and is a week behind the rest of the stable…

I will be picking up some Alaska fish fertilizer on my way home from therapy today to start feeding them a little something.
Everything on the right-hand side looks pretty great.

Pure Indica seems to have some kind of leaf development defect too though.

These things don’t faze me in the least. If they don’t improve, I just drop more seeds from my current supply. Call me crazy, but I’m not inclined to rush out to purchase any more feminized seeds when/if I ever run out and will stick with unaltered seeds after that. Right now as it stands, barring getting involved in commercial growing, I have enough seeds to grow for another few years.


i’ve never seen a leaf like the pure indica so weird!


That is interesting leaves on the indica?


I’ve had that happen on WW as well and it went away within a month IIRC


My blue dream auto started out that way and I stuck with her and now this is what she is today.


Thanks to a generous friend we’re not going to double up on the Pineapple and Purple this time and going with 12 unique strains again. I may still make some clones to distribute locally or grow on someone else’s property.

Just waiting for my delivery of 1 Northern Lights XL,1 Fresh Candy, & 1 Girl Scout Cookie which should be here any day to round out the selections.


that will be quite a medley of marijuana there @Willd.


I love a Cannabis Buffet @Screwauger @BIGE @Willd


I so wish I could do this lol we all will live though you. :joy:


Thanks x1. Thanks x2. Thanks x3.


a smorgasbord if you will


nuk,nuk,nuk,wise guy hey?


@Willd as always everything is looking great. I’m like you right now lol waiting for last bean order to arrive so I can drop a blackberry kush so I can feel complete


Like @Countryboyjvd1971said, it sounds like you have quite a buffet. Like you, it sounds like you enjoy having a nice variety like I do. I usually grow at least two strains. Plus I’m on that ever searching quest to find the best med that will work for me. Enjoy your growing. Good luck


I like growing variety too. It adds to the fun.


Variety is the spice of life
Isnt that what they say anyway
I also like to have more than one strain going


So the monetary benefits of the outdoor grow become apparent early on.
I just ordered all the nutes for the 30x60 HighBush plot.
PLUS 30x30 raspberry patch, 12x24 lettuce patch, 30x60 veggie garden, 3 large flower boxes and a 6ft wide border of perennials around the entire 30x120 highbush/veggie garden.

I still have 4/5 of the quart of liquid KoolBloom 0-10-10 & same of CaMg+ I purchased in 2017 and 5/8 of a bag of powered KoolBloom I purchased in 2015. When the liquid KoolBloom runs out some day. I’ll be switching to Alaska Morbloom 0-10-10

All the blood meal, bone meal we use as nitrogen booster at the required times on garlic and onions and Tomatone on the tomatoes was bought in 2016. There is about 4-6 more seasons worth of applications left in each bag of those as well.


lol,i purchased a gallon of this and one gal of morbloom for our veggies and flower bed this year…
i’ll also use them on a few mmj plants as well…