DownEast HIGHBUSH 2018


i’m very interested to see how the pure indica turns out…
i do not recall anyone growing it… :thinking:


Woohoo as @Countryboyjvd1971 would say!!

Hi Girls!!! GrowingMarijuana


Woohoo so they popped you guessed right brother friday it is
Cant wait to see they girls set free in a few months :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face::crazy_face::wink:
:v:️CB :cowboy_hat_face:


@Willd is that the same green house from last year?


@Willd here we go. Always fun when the begin their new life


Looks like you’re going to have another epic garden @Willd I envy you having the room to do all that ! ! I keep saying my time will come but I am getting a little anxious to get out of TX.


Yes it is @bob31. It’s nothing short of a miracle that I was able to reassemble it without instructions.


I felt that way about my tents after I moved haha


You get the three thumbs up award for the week. Good deal getting it back together!



I tell myself that I’m going to leave it assembled and just keep stuff in it once the plants are out. And then I remember that they outgrow it somewhere around the end of April and need to be spread out on the cellar floor, and that’s why I have to disassemble it every season. I might be able to get away with just removing the skin though. If I play my cards right this time around that’s what I’ll probably do.


So far everybody’s popped except the Bubba Kush from the 2015 harvest.


So many babies. It is so fun watching them grow and change. :smiley::+1:


I missed following your last grow journal so I’m paying attention this time.

Anybody who uses Homer’s for storage jars is a rock star hahaha!


So, I see a tap root formed with Bubba Kush but it stopped.
Gorilla Glue also looks like it’s got some sort of defect as well. I’m just gonna drop a new one sine my friend was so generous handing those over.


Looks great @Willd. I’m interested to see how the pure indica does. That was on my list but I went with the critical mass instead since it has higher levels of CBD. You starting your grow gives me hope that spring is near.


@AnneBonny have you seen the newer strains ilgm is offering?


Not yet @BIGE. I just read yesterday (I think) that they were added. Will definitely check it out. Though I have more seeds right now than I need (not complaining for sure).


Looking good. I’m waitin on some gg beans that a good friend of mine is sending me. I can’t wait to pop them


Here’s how my little chickadees are doing this morning.
I watered til runoff. I don’t have anything to measure pH or ppm, so I rely heavily on past experience and gut. Our well water is odorless, just under 7 pH, and has a clean sweet taste.


Looking good Will.
They’re so small and fragile right now, but will be big & beautiful in no time.
Eagerly following along…