Coast of Maine Soil

Deez thanks

I just hit 30 days on an auto and was about to hit it with COM plant food

But this am the first tiny bud appeared
Now I need to decide between the plant food v the buds and bloom

Anyway good info and thanks again


You’re talking about the difference between keeping it organic and not. Definitely a choice.

I think they are both organic

Buds and bloom : Fish Bone Meal (5-13-0) with 1% Calcium

Plant food Stonington Blend Plant Food ( 5-2-4 )


It’s all organic. :seedling: :+1:t3:

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I’ve been using COM for the last few years in my perennial garden. And only COM for cannabis so I can’t compare it to other brands or incorporating other brands with COM but if you want my advice I would use the plant food for 1-2 feeds and then switch over to the fish bone meal for 1-2 feedings till they’re done. Oops! I lied, I do use the Down to Earth Seabird guano (I think it’s 0-11-0?) 1 feed for a final boost. I find that when using the COM you don’t have to overfeed, or water a lot and they look healthy and lush.


I misunderstood I thought when you said Buds Bloom you meant Bug Bud and Tiger Bloom lol

I also have all the meals and compost Such an amazing line.


Here’s a Sour Diesel in 25 gallons of CoM Stonington Blend. I’ve been feeding compost tea weekly and fertilized according to the feeding schedule about two weeks ago. I’m mostly
Sticking to the schedule but They want a little more nitrogen coming into the last few weeks before full flower.


If your bags have the OMRI seal on them then they are organic. Buyer beware, just because it says organic doesn’t mean it is. Do your research. Know what’s in it and why it’s in it. I am still a grasshopper for sure!