Coast of Maine Soil

I am on my first grow, and using Coast of Maine - Platinum Grower’s Mix, Super Soil, Stonington Blend.

Has anyone used this soil before? They say all you need is water. Please give feedback on this soil.



welcome i just read someone else is using that same soil

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Yes. I started my first grow in march, and I used coast of Maine potting soil, in the purple bags. I have a friend that grows outdoor that uses it mixed with the compost (green bag). He grows really good outdoor stuff. He also uses happy frog, and doesn’t believe there is much of a difference in the end result. I am too new to comment on final product, but here is a picture of some of mine throughout the grow. I’m abut 4 weeks into flower now. I used no nutrients untIL about week 5 of veg.

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I will use it again, and I think my results will be better without the 1st timer mistakes

thank you

I’m using the Stonington blend with my current grow. The plants have been in it for about three weeks. Nice healthy growth. I do plant on top dressing nutrients just beford I flip to flower. If growing autos I wouldn’t worry much about feeding.

Here’s my Sour d

thanks, your plant look good

I am using a blend of Stonington, Bumper Crop Growers mix, Coco, Great White and perlite. Having great success with reg sativa and two autoflower hybrids. After 30 days in 5 gal cloth pots started Stonington plant food every 10 days for reg plus light tea. Autos only needed the two of the Rev’s flower teas and some CoM fish meal.

I forgot the Worm castings, Lots of worm castings. I have a farm.

Glad I am use it, my plats are looking very nice, they love that soil