Building a grow room


Nope but sounds good


Yup it was last grow too
Last grow they were in 15gallon pots because they were supposed to be outdoors but they all flowered early and had 8 of em in here
This grow I am doing 7 gallon pots and only 8 of these are staying in the room
The bubba kush are going outside just in case I get males I don’t want em near my indoor ladies


I have my own recipe loosely based on an old subcool recipe
I use seabird high phosphorus guano in leu of bat guano
I also add kelp meal , mycos


Got one going outside now it is my buddies plant he is growing her here and I have another indoor too


Hehehehe !! Good job Grow! :blush: :kissing_heart:


Hey @PurpNGold74
Here is my grow room and light build


My recipe:
3 - bags roots organic soil
40 - lbs worm castings
2 - lbs roots organic perlite
3 - lbs fishbone meal
3 - lbs sea bird guano
2 - lbs bat guano
3 - lbs blood meal
3 - lbs kelp meal
3 - bio-fish
1/4 cup mycos
1.5 - lbs rock phosphate
1 - cup oyster shell ( instead of dolomite lime )
1/4- cup elemite ( trace elements )
1/2 - cup epsom salt
2 - tsp humic acid


is this recipe just the concentrate or do you save two bags of roots organic as a top layer?


or do you just fill your pots full with this recipe?


I fill each pot about half way with the mix and top it off with roots organics soil


All of my ingredients are from down to earth brand products
Except the worm castings and Epsom salts
Worm castings are Wiggle worm
And epsom salts are Hi-yeild brand


after you make your concentrate with these ingredients, do you add a little water and let it sit for a while, or is it good to go immediately after mixing?


All the dry ingredients are thoroughly mixed and I do water it with de chlorinated water and then “bake” under a tarp for at least 30 days

I also have a nute station for mixing my teas
Alot of my tea has the same ingredients as the soil
I mix the dry stuff in these fine mesh bags and dip em into de chlorinated water in 5 gallon buckets with air stones in them and an external air pump and I steep for a day or two before I use it


Just for you @Happy_Pappy

Northern Lights


Man, that’s looking nice.


@Growit, Very nice grow! I’m gonna try your recipe come next growing season. Although, I’m gonna whip up about 1/3 recipe and steep in 5gal buckets covered with a tarp material of some kind. Roughly how much water do add to yours?


Just enough to dampen it a bit



Started training I always keep a roll of scotch tape and grafting wax handy


What do you use the grafting wax for?