BobbyDigi’s Never Ending Story

Oh I have they can turn into Beasts as you have seen my grows. Especially if you don’t do training.


Thats amazing, i really love that!

Im not letting it get big. She should only have one more week of stretch.

Thanks @Siksr!

Oh, an for future reference when you drop yours @MrPeat, this strain doesn’t have a very high nitrogen tolerance

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Harvey blasted us since we was 80 miles from land fall and on the right side. We had 3 weeks of solid rain.

Side of the property. That is a ditch 8 feet deep and we had 1 foot of water in the yard but didn’t flood the house luckily.

My backyard was 8’ under; my house got a few feet in it. I’m only 1/4 mile from the bayou.

Ouch…we are 22 miles from the Gulf so we are lucky. Now if we would have been head on we would have flooded the house. It was actually to hit us but Douche Bag Harvey turnes from us. Luckily.

I grew up on the Missouri River and saw 30 feet of water where we lived. Pop had this old rectangle cement tub we used to get to safety. Last time.

Ww had to wade in 4 feet of mud.

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The Saharan dust cloud “Godzilla” during moonlight


Buddha started day one flower today :sparkler:. So she took exactly 2 weeks to transition.



The sight of those new buds never gets old. Are they trained / pruned for 8 colas?


I haven’t done much training on these. Just topped and tied down to spread them out a little bit. Maui’s branches hardened off so early that there wasn’t much I could do.

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Swapped out the 288 v2’s for 288 rspecs

The ladies.


Maui at 12 days flower. Gonna have to hit her with a shot of nitrogen.

Laughing Buddha day 8 flower


Healthy and happy! Love those sativa leaves

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I’ve never done a full sativa. Closest was amnesia haze at 80% sativa. Hopefully she builds buds like the amnesia did.


I’ve always love the sativa leaning look. Beautiful grows :fire::sunglasses::+1:

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Love your set up so function and purpose designed. Plants look beautiful and healthy.
Is that an ink bird on the wall?
Would you mind explaining to me how they work, when you can spare the time, please and thank you. I need to automate temp somehow, my set up is very hands on.

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It’s a temperature inkbird. They also have humidity and combo (temp and humidity) inkbirds. You just set a temp you want and when it goes above that temp, it activates the device plugged into it. When it gets to the target temp, it turns off the device connected to it.

There’s also temp differential you can set. So if your target temp is 80* with a differential of 6*, it will run the device (fan, ac, etc) until you hit 74* and then turn off.

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So when connected, it controls the AC device? Do you plug into AC?
I understand how cloud Infinity works, how does ink bird control AC? Apologies for my noob questions, I was going to post on my journal.

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It needs to be an analog AC unit. One with knobs as opposed to a digital one. Like this one:

A digital one would just keep resetting because when it hits target temp the inkbird cuts the power to the outlet.

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Thanks for the explanation, wouldn’t work with my digital AC unit :cry: