BobbyDigi’s Never Ending Story

The digital ones should have a built in thermostat to turn on and off at a set temp.


Mine is set up outside the tent with vent hoses feeding two separate sections. Outsmarted myself again :man_facepalming:

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You should be able to extend the temp sensor so you can place it in one of the grow spaces. I did something similar with the humidity sensor on one of my dehumidifiers.


Thanks for the info,
I appreciate it and will look into it :v:

Swapped out the growneer 4” fan for an Ac infinity 6”. Almost went 8” because of how weak the 4” ac infinity is but glad I didn’t. I got a little too close to the ducting and it nearly sucked the hat off my head.

Went out of town for a few weeks then found out the wifey was only watering and not feeding anything.


I have a T6 also, imagine the suction on an 8 :exploding_head:

At least she did that, look what mine did to the babies :sob:


Woohoo Post #66
It’s gonna be a lucky day :grin:
Have a good one and stay lit Bobby :v:

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Sorry about the dead babies :frowning: Were they not watered or drowned?

Not watered, they were dry as a witches tit, when I asked if she had watered them,
“Did you ask me to water them?
Whoops, guess I forgot”…
Lucky I love her or… :laughing:
Oh well, there’s more beans where they came from.


Forgot I had this going, lol

The damage is done from them not being fed for a few weeks but they’re still packing it on.



And got the grand daddy purp and gold leaf going for the next grow.

Oh, and threw a blueberry auto outside


Damn, we already have a leaner. Gonna be a long 6-7 weeks if I have to start tying her up


Maybe a tomato cage? Slide it inside the side of the bag.

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I used one to bend and support this amnesia haze auto


I’m hoping my AH looks like that!!

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Beautiful amnesia! I may need to cage it. My amnesia did this but it wasn’t until it was time to chop so it wasn’t a big deal. Still have around 7 weeks on this one so she’s going to put on a bunch more weight. This was the amnesia starting to fall right before chop


How’d they finish up?

Yeah how did they finish ?..

Ah crap, journal fail!! I ran out of photovault space and didn’t want to delete past grows. Then I found out I could purchase more space. This was Maui after final trim before hanging. I hung half the plant and put the other half in dark for 48hrs. Wanted to see if there was any noticeable difference. I can’t tell the difference between the half put in darkness and the half that was not. She only put out right at 4oz.

This was buddha about a week and a half after flushing soil down to 165ppm. She put out some 28” colas but she’s really pretty airy. Potent as all hell. Probably the strongest plant I’ve grown so far. I won’t be partaking in her unless I can find time to myself where I can just be zombified. She got hung on Saturday (9/26). In guessing she’ll only put out 4oz as well with her being fluffy.

This is grand daddy purp and gold leaf about a week ago.

Happy Birthday @Happilyretired!!


Thanks Bobby… I concur with your experiment and as I recall a lot of other people do too. I did similar testing on my last indoor grow with same results… No noticeable difference… I’ve also tried ice on the roots and all the other stuff people say makes it better… No difference still… The only thing I haven’t tried is stopping water for four or five days before chop…
I don’t know if that will help with trichome production But it should help speed up the drying process without negative impact… Hopefully…

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I need to figure out how to save photos off this tablet and especially the phone…
That MW looks great. I’m flowering my GDP right now. She has such a strong smell and she’s barely started. I’m excited to see how yours turns out.
I am a journal failure too lol. It’s because of locating the right pictures after a few weeks. It’s a nightmare for me because the pics are so small lol

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