Beginning my perpetual harvest with live soil


Haha yeah I’m sure mine will evolve over time as well. There’s always room for improvement… unfortunately lol


Yeah, but I’ve only been at this since August last year! My wife is pretty understanding. To let me get whatever I’ve needed.


Mine to. Definitely thankful for it. I definitely couldn’t have got this far without her help. Even when it stretched the budget a bit further than we could afford she just found a way to make it work. So thank God for good women!


100% correct on that. Its helps that cannabis helps me in more ways than anything I’ve been prescribed before. Which has made a very happy marriage lol.


Haha I hear that


Alright, well the manifold looks good. Not much can be said else about that haha. The big tent, not so much. The heat is not an issue anymore, and im keeping it right around 24c steady. They were real real dry this morning. They got watered and will hopefully atart looking healthy again tonight or tomorrow.
Got my smart olyg, the stuoi3d thing kept popping the outlwt safety switch. I’m returning it, and getting a diffefent one. The ushio bulb came, and is in perfect condition.


@dbrn32 @DoobieNoobie I was looking at prices and number of plants I have in there. For an extra 50, I decided to buy the HLG100 V2 4000K. Once I get it, I’m returning the HLG 65, and getting a refund. 150 out now, but will get 100 back, so I’m happy with that. This is for the 2x2x4 veg tent.


Very nice!!


Yeah, I’m pretty excited for it. Plus my 3 solo cup girls for the grow off. Won’t be, but another week at the most. Before going into 1 gallon smart pots. They should appreciate the new light when it comes. Won’t be here until end of the week, but that’s fine. I’m looking at anything I’ve bought im the last 30 days, and can be refunded or credit given. If something can go back, for a better product, I’m looking at doing it haha.


Yeah I add items to a private shopping list in Amazon. And then go back and remove items after I’ve had time to think it over. Same thing before I place an order. I put it all in my cart then spend the next day making sure everything in it is either the best option or necessary. Hopefully after the first grow in the big room I’ll be able to buy some luxury items that are wants more than needs.


Oh yeah thats the hard part now isn’t it. Its not a cheap hobby by far, but the most rewarding one I’ve ever had!


Definitely not cheap. Well I guess you could do it cheap but probably not be able to keep up with needs. And it’s addictive both growing and seed buying lol. I’ve got enough seeds to go quite a while before needing more but still check all the sales and hunt for deals.


Also gotta say. New cannabis plants easy on anxiety to grow. When you have others ones. Yhay are older to look after as well.


Where do you get seeds from? Ilgm has great seeds it appears, but 60 or so for 5 seeds is a bit much for me to be a seed hog!


I can’t tell you here unfortunately we’re not allowed to post other companies. I can say there’s a lot of scam seed sites out there so do your homework. When you get into the lab we can point you to other places. Although the guarantee from ILGM really makes their price worth it. Not very many will even resend seeds if they get caught in customs and none that I’ve seen replace failed germination seeds other than here.


Wow, their customer service is superb from my experience.


I think if you look around its in line or actually cheaper than a lot of the competition. I’ve paid well over $100 for 5-6 seeds from other outlets. Most of which didn’t provide the peace of mind or customer support you get with igm either.


I still have my 10% off coupon code for one of my tiny pesticide bottles broke in dshipping. I’m using that for a nice mix pack that has 10 seeds of each strain!


Yeah half the big name brand seeds won’t even ship to the US so you have to find them from retailers. The other half have a disclaimer saying if they get intercepted it’s not their problem. ILGM is definitely above average in customer service.


My seeds from them, came from California according to tracking on it. Customs doesnt mess with domesric packages i think?