Beginning my perpetual harvest with live soil


Lol it’s all good. I’ve done the same. But I think we said one would be a bit weak and one to strong but you are planning to veg only in it right? So maybe it was the 260 and the 320 we were talking about?


No, this would be for flowering. The HLG 100 2700k board. Its to replace the 600 watt ballast setup. I can get a refund for all of it, and thatd be 150 back. I can swing the extra 150 for 2 boards, but itd be a few months to get a 3rd one.


3 hlg-100’s would put you just over ppfd average of 600 umols per second. If i was doing that space with hlg-100’s i would probably do 4. More so because of the coverage than anything.


Just have to remember anything that gets out to the edges will suffer from lower intensity light in the mean time. Only thing I’d worry about would be that branches out on the edge might try stretching for the light in middle.


Damn, thats just to much upfront for me then. Im gonna have to save uo, I’d say 500+ to get some qb light for a 3x4 tent.
Thoughts? My 3x4 is oretty beaten up already, from that basement it was in. If I got a 2x4 or 3x3 replacement. How would those lights work then? For how many I’d need.


For $500 you could build a killer light for that space.


260 xw kit for 3x3 or 260 xl kit for 2x4. Either setup would be solid.


Or that ^. Its not hard to do.


Decisions, decisions im gonna be up til daylight figuring this shit out. Haha


Well good lighting is worth the investment. It’ll last longer than the tent. And if you build it right you can always move it to a bigger space and add on to it later.


You need two hlg-185 drivers. Take your pic at what leds you wanna use and get you model numbers and the current for driver.


Im just pissed with the filter clogged, and the heat in there. Its cause them to stunt and canoe very quickly. Its fine now, I’ve got a temporary fix, and a filter coming Wednesday. Seeing how awesome this one looks tonight. Im going to be converting eventually, and was seeing if 300 was enough to get it done in there.


Yeah I know the feeling. If not for a lot of help from someone else i’d still be trying to plan out my expansion instead of building it. But I can say I’m glad I saved up and got lights that are amazing instead of spending money on cheaper ones. You’ll thank yourself later if you can survive with what you have to do the same. After this next grow I’ll be doing a upgrade to high end carbon filters since that’s where I’m lacking right now.


Im thinking I’m gonna play this smart. I refuse to get the bare minimum lighting just to get the new lighting. I’m buying a cool tube tonight, and starting a side savings account to get a few new things. Best of all. It’ll give me a chance. To see if i need a new tent.

1 new tent (possibly)
1 new AC Infinity exhaust (I love mine)
@dbrn32 @DoobieNoobie recommendations a qb light setup for current or new tent

Yeah, I’m kinda spoiled by my wife :slight_smile: it might take me 4 to 6 months to save up the maybe 700$


Well there’s new stuff on the horizon. Buy the new tent when you can afford it then you will know how much light you’ll need.


Definitely, it’ll either be a 2x4 or 3x3. Being in an illegal state, I don’t have the space I’m at. To get a 4x4, I’d love to own. Both are enough size to keep me supplied. With the veg tent going so well! Definitely don’t want. What will be the flower tent being the shit tent haha!


Hahah right!


Have you heard how much a cool tube. Will cool down the tent? My wing is shit anyhow, and I mean cheap asssss shit lol. Was one of those light deals. With the timer, bulbs, wing, etc.


I don’t know but I’m betting quite a bit


I just bought that cool tube now. I’m sure that will clear this shit up now haha. By my 3rd or 4th harvest, I’m going to have a whole new grow setup. I just took the window fan out, and pht a vornado tower fan in there to.