Beginning my perpetual harvest with live soil


Yeah they have a location in cali now from what I read. That guarantees they get here and faster.


Within a week for me, and i didnt pay the extra discreet fee.

The nutrients came from amsterdamn though, so sure thats partly why the box was jacked up when i got it, but just the one bottle broke.


Yeah until they got the cali location it was all from Amsterdam.


Thought so, cause the email kept going on about i ternational shipping times, so i was shocked it said california.


Yeah I imagine a lot of the others will do the same as legalization continues. The end of prohibition completely would change things dramatically though. I’m sure we will see that come in our lifetime. Well I hope at least.


I think 2 years into the next presidential election term, we will have it legalized usa wide. Specially if we have a president. Who doesn’t look like a oompa loompa that was cut from charlie and the chocolate factory. I’m a split down the middle person, but America has taken their love of reality tv to new heights!


I hope we see it that soon. Politics in general has went to insanity levels. I won’t get into it because it’s no longer a safe topic lol. But I think the fed in general is running out of time. At the current rate there will be some sort of legalization in nearly every state in less than 10 years.


At the very least, i see that happening within that time frame. I know what you mean, i dont want to touch that topic as well. Unless i get to make fun of one of them. No matter what side of the line they fall on.


Lol that’s getting easier to do lately. I really think all the hateful rhetoric from both sides is doing more damage than good. It’s awful how divided the country is right now. And until that changes we won’t be able to get back to being the great United country we were. But enough on that subject lol.


@DoobieNoobie Yeah, and funny. That was my last like haha. Man, figures. We have the hottest day bbn in weeks, and the garage is warmer. Still cool, but not freezing like before. Really want tuesday to get here for that coll tube haha. Lights are at 18", but im gping to kpve them up to 20" soon. Reading a HID isn’t easy lol. Temp says 85f on monitor, but sensor hanging from grow light says 77f. I have a vornado fan in there now. It blows air through vents that curve around for oscialting effect I guess. The fan is making the sensor say 77f, so need to figure out the 85f reading now.


Those vornado fans work well and last a long time from what I’ve seen.

And I’m out of likes as well lol


Haha, i repurposed it for the tent. The window fan was brilliant, but chunky lol


I figured out something else in ths big tent. I’ve been very careful about over watering in those 5 gallon pots. It looks like the heat made the soil to not drain well at all. When I’ve been giving 500ml of water. It’s not been going down, but to the sides. They’ve been looking very droopy under watered for days now, but nothing worked. I’ve pushed holes through the soil, and felt i needed to water the whole pot this time. That way i can get the clumps out of it. Seem like a plan to me at least haha.

Just ordered a bag of perlite, so i don’t run into again hopefully. I can make sure any transplants get extra perlite added.


Yeah it’s compacting down. Be very careful poking holes down into it you can damage the roots. Instead you might try squeezing the pot on different sides to break up the soil into bigger clumps.


Yeah, I’ve done what i can for them tonight. The heat and not needing to keep the whole pot watered fucked me without adding perlite to it. Oh well, if i can get the soil back to normal in the next couple days. Theyll3bounce right back, but jave been stunted for 4 days now.


You’ll get them fixed up. No worries


My clone is doing pretty good it appears. No drooping, and leaves pointing up!


Definitely looks like it’s alive!


Thats good news! I’d assume that 48hrs since transplant, and she looks like that. Must be good news so far haha.


Yeah it might slump a little as it starts growing roots but the fact it looks that perky now I think is a good sign.