Beginning my perpetual harvest with live soil


I’m using a differebt soil, I’m going with Nature’s Living Soil concentrate. I’m cutting that with FFHF. The middle of the pot will be 16oz solo cup size hole, FFHF. That’s where I’ll be germinating. I want to plant straight into soil, in the 5 gallon smart pots. Hopefully, I won’t have issues. The seeds are quality. I have two options. Premix the living soil and FFOF for living soil technique. Besides middle for FFHF. Or layer the pot for super soil technique. That was on the companies website.

Plant training will hopefully go much better this time around in Veg phase. I’ll top and prune when neccessary. I’m going to ScrOG them this time around. I’m looking to top twice if possible. A defoliation at some point in the ScrOG will occur.

Setup List:
3x4 tent
6" exhaust w/ filter
5 gallon smart pots
Passive intake
x3 ILGM white widow feminized seeds
400w mh/hps lights (upgrading to 600w version in a month or less.)
Temp and humidity controllers
There’s more I. Sure, but this is what I remember for now

Add your grow jounal link here

Awesome. I’m not sure if you need to keep a journal here and there. Or just updates on the competition thread. But I’ll be following along either way.


I’ll be watching. Good luck with the grow!


This is just for fun for me, but if I get to much unsolicited help. There’s a chance I’ll shut this down. If it gets me in trouble with the growoff, I’ll have to shut it down.

Update, none of these in the thread are in the grow off


The rules said…any help…will disqualify

Wondering what to stop dishonest people from posting advice on each grow journal to get others disqualified?


I’m going to only post on the grow thread for that plant. I’ve got 5 others I can keep a separate journal for. But that’s a worry for me as well. If you don’t post the plant that’s for the grow off here then no problem. Once you know which will be the contender at least.


Gotcha mate, I get what you’re saying. Just don’t put anything on there for the prize lady lol. Problem though, we don’t have to pick the chosen one for the grow. Until just before we switch to flower, correct?


By the end of January you have to decide I think.


Shit, I need to read those rules yet again lol. End of January will suck for me, but if I can get them germinated, and cotyldons showing by end of next week. It’ll give me a couple weeks to see which one grows best at least.

I was doing the Math on my soil, I might have enough to do 4 plants this go around. I wanted 2 or 4 originally, so hopefully it’ll work out that way afterall!!


Yeah I’ll double check but I’m pretty sure that’s what it was.


Ok, not even getting my soils until Friday I think. It’ll be a little bit before germination, but not to long hopefully. I’m guessing a week from now, I’ll have the tent up, and plant my seeds in the soil


You got peat plugs or anything like that? If so you could drop seeds and get them started. Lol I’m behind on my room expansion but I just dropped 5 seeds and have a clone that is ready to go to flower now lol.


I just double checked you’re right decide before switch to flower. I guess that changed at some point.


I have those peat pellets, but didn’t think they would work. With the living soil setup. This is the stuff I’m worried about get thrown out of the competition for lmao. Is this ok to talk about.

Damn, 5 seeds, hope they all pop for you! If the Math was right, and I’ll double check tomorrow. I might germinate 4 seeds to grow!!! Instead of getting a 600w ballast setup. To replace my 400w ballast. Maybe, I could get another 400w ballast setup, and put two 400w HPS light setups in the 3x4 tent? I’m going to look into it tomorrow as well.


Nope. If any of these are in the running for the grow-off, you’ve got to figure it out by yourself.

I hate saying that to anybody on here. That sounds awful. :grinning:


Ok, good to know. I really do prefer. Having to rely on myself for growing these plants. Its some of the environmental factor changes that sucks to not ask about lol. Withwr way, my apologies if I was close to breaking the rules sorry


My grow-off plant will only be mentioned in my grow-off ticket, just to keep myself from slipping up, too. :grinning:


I don’t really think talking about dropping seeds is much help. But better safe than sorry.


One out of four has just popped a bit up, out of the soil now.

Update: Alright, got back a little bit ago, and a second one is barely breaking the surface, woop. If not tonight, I’m hoping to see 1 or 2 in the morning. The 4th seed with the cheap organic soil from lowes would surprise me to sprout. That soil was shit, but I wanted to try at least.

Update 3: 3 girl is getting there, but only her stem is showing bent over.


And so it begins lol