Beginning my perpetual harvest with live soil


Right on man! I’m still working on mine. I’m having second thoughts on the hydro plan. I’ve been contemplating a eb and flow setup since I started and I could almost build it for the same price. Maybe like $80 more. But to use it right i’d need to run clones and I’m not quite at that point yet. Decisions decisions lol


Eb and flow setup, I’m definitely not familiar with that. What’s the basics of it then? I’ve requested a replacement bulb for the Ushio hps hulb that came today. Inspected it when i got it, cause im not keeping a used bulb around for a couple weeks, and not realising i got fucked. Until I’m wanting to use it haha. Anyways, it wasnt a new bulb imo as a noob at least. There was a little bit of glass shaking around inside the bulb, and i saw some tiny, but deep scratch marks on the glass. Plus, there were burn marks, from the arc to ignite it. To me its used? Getting a new one on Monday, and will be inspecting that one. Must be the tkme of year, but ive gotte. To much fucked up atuff from Amazon lately. But no stores arlund me for these specialty items for a grow. Without a bulb store special orderung me one without suspicious looks lol. Illegal state, and i dont trust anyone to go to for buying g special order items like this.


Eb and flow or flood to drain setup is a big table with about 12 inch walls. Every couple hours you flood the table to water the plants then it drains back into the reservoir. Look it up on YouTube there’s probably better explanations. I’m glad you checked the bulb out. I’m sure they test the bulbs when made to be sure they light up but that shouldn’t mean scorched or broken pieces in it.


Interesting, still dont see the main benefit to it, but I’ll have a google search of it and see it. Definitely a piece of glass knocking around in the bulb, and the deep scratches on the glass is a no for me. Thats the second messed up bulb ive had through amazon recently. The original MH bulb for the 600 watt ballast had to go back as well. Then, k had to get the exhaust replaced last week also. Maybe its this time of year, and people just dont give a fuck at all.


Yeah I just got a box from Amazon that was just the label slapped on the regular box so anyone could see what it was and it was beat to hell. Thankfully it wasn’t broken. I think Amazon got so big they just don’t care anymore.


I can see that, i can also see employees pissed off to no end with work conditions. I worked in one before, and they work you to the bone. They’ve done news stories. On marathon runners taking an amazon job, and by the end of the week. They feel like they’ve ran 2 or 3 marthons in one week. Those people i could see just not giving a fuck, and toss shit around. I saw a whole pallet of tvs. Where the top half dumps over, and they just pick it up, and stack it again.


Yeah I’ve heard working for them was terrible. So I can believe that.


Ok, I’m very happy with the plant in the 1 gallon pot today. I’m thinking probably time to create manifold base tomorrow or Sunday. The sixth node is forming, so real soon for the topping. I’m going to see if I can clone her topping.


I just won a bunch of regular seeds in a contest. I guess I need to start studying up on cloning myself to keep the better ones going.


Even if my first cloning experience takes. Its from a topping, so i read those types of clones grow very bushy. I think thats what it said anyways.


I was told here that clones from the top grow exactly as the mom. One’s from the bottom tend to vary more. At least I think that’s right lol. My memory can be sketchy lately lol


The manifold base has been created now. She looked real good for it, and was created a 7th node spacing, so off it came.
Update:been planning this one out today. I will be transplanting them before their next topping. Into a 3 gallon smart pot, with live soil. I’ll wait for them to start growing well again, and put in the 3 gallon pot. They will have enough time to get adjusted. Before they grow their 4th node, and I top to the third node, and clean the 2nd node away.
I can definitely see the appeal of these qb lights. All the plants in the small tent are thriving. Even the top I cut, and I’m trying to clone is pointed in the air lol. The big tent not so much. My filter is clogged, and there was some serious heat symptoms taking place. I’ve removed the filter, and ordered a new one. Sucks, but at least theyre to yojng to put off much, if any odor.


@dbrn32 @DoobieNoobie cant remember what we discussed on this. For a 3x4 tent could
x2 HLG 100 v2 3000k
x1 quantum LED 260 2700k

I can still return everything for the 600 watt ballast, and get 150 back. It wouldnt cost much extra for one of those options, and im guessing. Within 2 or 3 mo ths. The electric savings will pay for the light?


I don’t remember either. The 260 kit will be more light, but even that seems a little weak in 12 square feet.


Rofl and I thought it was a 320 for that space that was discussed? But I have way too many conversations to keep track lol.


The info on them says for 2x2 ft for the LED effectiveness. It seems like 2 is supposed to cover 4x4. Is that not how led works?

I wont be having plant so close to the walls for that extra 1ft length


Lol do the square feet of 2x2 and 4x4 :wink:


Led works the same as everything else as far as light density goes. Amount of light over area. The hlg-100 is advertised up to a 2x2 space, or 4 square feet. Not necessarily great at 4 square feet mind you, but up to it. Two of them would give you up to 8 square feet. Same thing with 260 kit, up to 9 square feet.

You have 12 square feet.


2x4ft my bad, mine is 3x4, but wont be using that 6 inches on each side


Could 2 do for a couple months, and then i could afford a 3rd one?