Beginning my perpetual harvest with live soil


How old are they? They look a little young yet.


They’re way young just 3 weeks, but I’m not bothered about huge yield on them. Just to get them flowering, so what is in the small veg tent. Can go into flower when vegged enough. This is their 2nd veg week, about 2 days into the 2nd week.


They won’t flower until they’re mature enough anyway, so doesn’t make sense to flip them now. Wait a week or two. If you grow from clone its a lot easier to flip them small as they wi already be mature enough to flower.


I thought i read something about flipping them to 12/12 would trick them jnto changing their hormones to create flowering. It’d just take longer to see buds come through.

Oh well, i dont think topping will work best for me. They’d need a good week to recover. The first grow, i didnt top until there was like 10 nodes, and only took the tops off. I didn’t see any recovery period. They didnt even seem to notice. They had their heads taken off lol.


What do you think about just bending their main stems 90 degree angle, and keep working the growth around by tying down and growth, and let the leaves grow upwards?

Then i can flip to 12/12 when preflowers show up?


It will, provided they are mature enough to flower. Usually about 4-5 weeks old. Flipping prior to that just reduces the amount of daily energy they receive.

Long story short, flipping them today or waiting a week or two they should show flowers about the same time. So you may as well keep them on 18 hour schedule for now. That being said, if you want to top or train now would be a great time to do so.


Another two weeks will work enough im sure. What did you think of just tying down the main stem, and letting it grow that way. Without topping?


That’s fine, nothing wrong with it in my opinion.


Awesome, it would be pretty cool try. Not topping and just training her to grow sideways and around probably.


Bending top over will cause lowers to come up. I wouldn’t expect you to get them yo grow around pot too much in a week or two. If she responds well to your training you may be able yo pin them down a little bit. Thats similar to method @FloridaSon and i believe @Onlythebest79 use. If done properly will almost give you plant that looks like a chandelier of colas.


Ill have a look at their’s now. Lights just came on a half hour ago, so they’re pretty drooped over right now. Im gettjng some new plant ties tonight, so im going to bend them over later if possible.


Also, how old are the bulbs?


Brand new, i just got the 600 watt ballast for yhe big tent now, and qb light brand new for veg tent. Then, i have a new Ushio HPS bulb being delivered today for use.


That’s good! I actually posted that here on accident sorry. But good to know lol


Oh lmao, no worries


I’ll be buying the bergmans lab later in Feburary it looks like. Seems like a good buy to start a perpetual harvest, and learn many different ways ti grow. Any thoughts?


There’s a lot of good info there. If it doesn’t stress your budget too much i would expect that you’d be happy with doing so.


Just bought this to create timers for 4 different pieces of equipment. Will go great with the tents on different light cycles coming up. Now, I can turn the fan off in the big tent. When the lights go off for this cold. I’d like to have the window fan turned off as well. I bet it’s making the air cold in there. Despite the temp saying 68f with lights out. No one likes cold breezes in the cold haha.


Looks like db got you fixed up. I agree with him even if you switched them to flower they won’t start until they’re ready so you might as well get a little more growth first.


@DoobieNoobie As soon as i see preflowers, I’m flipping them lights. Want to get this perpetual on a schedule as quick as i can obviously. These three after harvesting them. Is mainly about replenishing bud. What’s in the veg tent now. Will be having some quality plant training done to them!