Autos, Autos & I’m Still Growin Autos

@Not2SureYet @Capt.Cola @TheAlchemist - I chopped the cola, she’s still drying & few buds but they aren’t really ready, weird cause she’s been growing a long time now, an extra month. I had 3 AH and she must’ve been the late bloomer. Anyway I’m still chopping her and letting other buds get more light. She was so big maybe wasn’t getting enough light all around her. Just dropped 2 Bruce Banner and 2 CP for my next grow. Just ordered Blue Dream get 10 free seeds, hopefully they’re good ones. The Bruce I received from ILGM are very small, does that matter? I like big fat ones, I hope I have good luck with this Bruce, I’ve never tried before. Right now I have 4 CP still waiting to fill in. I’ll send pics in another week or so… :seedling::seedling: