2nd grow first scrog green crack/bubblegum


The Mars hydro 480w. I think it’s only like 210w actual, but it’s better than the cfl’s I’ve been using.


And it will be a good spectrum for ur flowering


Here is mine 450w dimmable viparspectra-dimmable-series-450w-spectrum


Here is my hps


I’m rocking 8 cfl’s right now that pull 23w each. I can’t wait to hang the new light and see my girls explode lol.


My first grow was with fluorescents and cfls then I bought the ballast from my local shop I was amazed at how much the exploded and especially the timing of u adding it u should see some size start on them



From the green crack side of the tent.


They’re all looking magnificent! Your tent is a vision of flowering beauty😉


That is a stud stalk, fantastic job with those plants


@Killadruid I will be using Aurora nurse in my grow also. Did you follow their published feed schedule? What concentration of notes did you use? Did you use surge during each watering? Thanks for your help, I have a BG on he go also.


Thank u everyone. Yes I did follow the soul feed schedule. I actually didnt ids the surge I am next time. I used house of gardens roots root booster. Next time I’m going to use the master soul collection. I added roots organics terp tea grow and terp tea bloom to my feeding schedule. Also i used roots organics ancient amber foral spray and extreme serene another foral spray. Opps almost forgot i used roots organics foundation also to supplement my cal mag instead of adding more to my nutrient mix.


Tbh I havent checked my ppms in a few waterings because soul synthetics is such a good combination I wouldn’t wanna take anything away from the mix.


I’m using the 5 ML during this grow. Started feeding at 1/3rd strength and using ProMix. Will be home Sunday after a 10-day vacation. I am anxious to see their progress. Depending on what I find when I get home i will increase nute level during feeding.


How far along are they? I love the roots organics and soul synthetics line of nutes and products. I guess their soilless medium is awsome. I’m currently running sunshine advanced promix 4


22-days since they have broken ground. I’m in ProMix BX. Lots of love for FF on forum, not too many using Roots. Glad to read that you like your results.


See I was talking to my local grow shop about ff. They said that ff is good but soul synthetically has huge growth and quick turn around. The easy to follow feed schedule is awsome also and gives ur plants exactly what they need when they need it. I will be adding the peak a week early then what they say



My Green Crack ladies hairs started turning yesterday :flushed: I freaked out a little until I googled and saw around week 4 that’s common. My 2 kids stress me out less than these plants. Oh and my light is FINALLY in the FedEx truck for delivery!


@Killadruid I was told the same thing by my local store except I chose the 5 ML for my first go, plus it was on sale. I see a large t of good things from FF on the forum.

Your plants are looking great!