2nd grow first scrog green crack/bubblegum


So I decided to make a journal on here. This is a 4x4 tent with bubble gum and green crack decided to scrog after growing for 4 weeks of veg. I have more pics to post later but here is the start of it. Comments appreciated thank you

Uploading: 20181205_123509.jpg… ![20181205_171356|374x500](upload://bJ

4x4 tent I have 2 450w dimmable leds and a 300w led with a 400w mh
ILGM GSCE Fluence Spydr 2p grow

Wow they all look awesome!


This is the start they r in flower now will post pics after work


Great. Looking forward to them. I have a bubblegum I will eventually grow so it will be nice to see yours😉


Good start so far! :v:


Lights: 300w led for seedlings
Veg 400w mh ultra sun 2 450w led viparspectra dimmable
Flowering 600w hps hortilux 2 450w leds viparspectra
Nutrients: soul synthetics. With roots organics terp tea grow and bloom.
Medium: sunshine advanced pro mix 4
Tent size 4x4
Pot size 7 gal finishing pot


Your doing an awesome job! They look nice and happy! Great scrog work😉




Wow… Super clean, very nice set up you got going on! Proud papa = well-behaved children! LoL - well most if the time. LoL



That will be a sea of buds soon😉


11 days into flowering


And thank u guys for all the compliments


You deserve them😉


I say yes , yes and yes ! … Great scrog .


I spent about 1 hr plus every night tieing down and training lol


And thank u to all the people who helped on my decision to scrog


A perfect example of a little planning ahead and patience PAYS OFF!!! Too bad there’s not a room porn thread. Wait what??? LoL


Thanks yeah I did my research. I told myself I wasn’t going to do it unless I was going to do it right! I spent months of learning how it grows how the strains grow looking at scrog setups reading about different techniques and making my own. I cant wait compared to my first grow this one is going fast. I started to germinate the seeds on the 2nd of Nov and have been in flowering since the 15th. I grew 4 plants before and maybe got 4 ounces dry but I didnt dry or cure it right. Taking my time this time on the dry process and curing. I had to trim up the plants today and hot 1.5 gal ziploc stuffed full of leaves and a few small sights.