2nd grow first scrog green crack/bubblegum



Looking really good . Extra fans in that jungle is a good idea keeping the air moving underneath that canopy . lol



These are GC? When did you drop the seeds? I’m doing my first grow right now and it’s a pair of GC. Yours are bushier than mine lol. My seeds sprouted 9/14.


The ones in the back of my photo are gc’s.
The ones up close are my bubblegum. Mine I dropped the seeds in water on 11/2. I wish I would have flipped them a little earlier they are 2 weeks and 4 days old in flower today


green crack


They are lovely :heart_eyes:


So r urs. I read to make sure they get alot of p and k early on in flowering to grow big flowers.


I was a head case early in. Then I read GC are hungry girls… started nutes a little bit early and they have been happy.


Same I started nutes quick but I’m also in coco so kinda needed to anyways. What size pots ur in? mine r in 7 gal. I actually started to have to order more nutes because they r feeding so fast.


What kind of nutes you running? Mine r aurora innovations soul synthetics. I’ve never seen such big stock on a 2 month old plant and my roots are just exploding in the coco. How far into flowering r u? See I’m actually growing this strain for my wife. It’s her favorite. I went with the bubble gum because honestly I’ve never had true bubblegum from where I am.


I’m in 3gal fabric pots with soil. I flipped the lights about 5w ago, but I guess “flowering” is really a week or two after that. I use for farm stuff and some Cal mag. I have insufficient lights, but my new LED light will be here tomorrow :grin: I’ll snap a canopy shot when I check on them later (1 more kid to bring to school before freedom :joy:)


I just got some 5gal fabric pots in for my next grow. Anything bigger isn’t feasible in my space


Totally understand that one. If u noticed in earlier posts I ended up adding 2 450w leds into my tent for even light and to get the best of both worlds hids and leds


I’m still waiting on another fan I broke the charging port on my osolating fan lol lucky I can swap batteries till then.


Leds deffenetally have some tighter nodes but I think the hids have some good frost up and down each cola. How r u growing urs scrog?


@Killadruid here are my ladies. They are super frosty up close.


Yes I am attempting a scrog. The whole set up is a work in progress but it seems like it’s working…


Looking good. Mine stretched so much when I flipped to flowering. What kind of led u getting? I got the viparspectra 450w dimmables in mine. They r kinda blue heavy which works for me tho because of all the red the hps puts off. I’ve seen grow reports using them and they seem to work just fine. Especially for the price.


Will get u a better pic of my green crack tonight when lights come on