2nd grow first scrog green crack/bubblegum


heres a question so if I’m supposed to water till 10% to 30% comes out the bottem and I’m watering at 12 gal to 15 gal per watering session every 48 hours. How much run off should I be getting then? 1.2 gallons off the 4 plants?


It’s 10-30% per plant of runoff, not total for all plants. :v::bear:


K thank u here new pics of the day



Some night pics


I wanted to point out some people who have been a huge help with advice during this grow. @raustin @PurpNGold74 @peachfuzz there is more also. Just cant think of names atm.


So some of my leaves on this bubblegum plant have started to get this coloring on them is this kinda normal for this strain I’ve started watering every 48 hours since I seen it thinking I was letting my pots go just a little to dry but idk i just think it’s got so much flowers it is pulling everything it has to make them as good as possible. Otherwise 90% of the other leave on it dont have any of them issues and it hasnt spred. And no bugs besides the occasional gnat that I catch once in a blue moon fling into the tent. Idk I am not going to be yo worried I guess but just curious what people thought. Thanks again.


Looks like you’re getting magnesium and calcium deficiencies. What are your Ph and PPM numbers?


My ph is 6.3 is what I watered at I threw some roots foundation which contains suplimental cal mag for me. This plant had been a cal mag problem from the beginning also it had a wierd pattern to it. The funny thing is it’s only happening on the old leaves that have some purple stems the new leave have nice bright green stems. I didnt get time to check my Ppms last night I had a kid just start puking right when I was watering.


If it’s only on the old leaves and the new growth doesn’t show the same deficiency, then you’re good, don’t worry about it.


Thank you. Thanks kinda what I was thinking it was a cal mag deficiency. This is just one of the bubblegum ones. There is a couple things I’m going to do different on my next one. I’m thinking about only doing 2 plants with a scrog.


some close ups of the bubble gum side. Its nice and frosty on this side.



Day 24 of flowering out of 60ish looking good have a couple fungus gnats but taking care of them. Still working on getting rid of them in the rest of the house. The green crack has some long cold starting. Letting temps fall to 63°f night time and 77°f day. Humidity staying at 45% day and night have 3 fans going 2 fans are in 2 corners and one from the bottem blowing up


@Killadruid looking fantastic, envy of any grower nice job, they seem to be loving what your doing. Well done


Thank you @Okie70 this is my first grow in about 3 years. Before that the plants I had were bag seed they looked good but didnt have any kick to them like I would have thought. Other people said it did. So this time I decided if I’m going to do this I’m going to do alot of research. I have read a ton of grow journals on green crack and some on bubblegum. Different mediums, compairing differnt nutrient brands, watching grow off videos between nutrient lines. Wasn’t going to do it again for nothing. This time I want it to be as good as the stuff I get here. Now it just waiting and keeping up with the things. Got my bubble bags now so I’m excited first time making bubble hash


I’ve never grown before. Vegetable garden, yes. I was showing my friend a blurple picture of my girls and he couldn’t believe it was just 2 plants because of the horizontal space they took up. Every step of this grow has been uncharted territory for me. I am super excited about how chubby the girls are getting. How far along are your GC again? I feel like our girls are close in age…


@NotquiteJuneCleaver My green crack is now 25 days into flowering another 35 to go lol. Also they are only 2 months and 2 days from starting to pop out of the ground. Put in water 11/2 then popped out of ground on 11/7


Yours are way younger than mine. But I had crap lights until last week. They popped late September… and I am about 4.5 weeks into flowering. I suppose they’d look bigger if I hadn’t scrog’d them. It’ll all be “easier” with grow #2 lol. I have about 30% color change in my pistils. I guess I should get a loupe to start trich watching.


I betting u have 2 weeks left maybe more or less they will start putting weight on soon. I cant wait to see mine at 4.5 weeks lol amazing what a week will do. I have a couple of stragglers that idk if they will make it to the top I may do a little clean up tonight of the canopy. Mine r scrogged also good nutrients good light good RH = good happy plants that grow fast. What kind of nutes u using?