2 gorilla glue #4 , OG Kush clone and a unknown


I really need these GG#4 to finish up I have to go on a cruise last weekend of July for a week and I’d like to have them dry before I leave. I will feed 1 more time tomorrow and maybe Wednesday Thursday next week I’ll chop down. I hate to do so but I’d hate for them to be over done when I get back.


Here’s more bud porn of my gorilla glue :gorilla: #4 with the lights out

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Damn bro, those buds look tasty!


that gg is some great stuff!!!
beautiful bud @Onlythebest79


Nice job! Those buds look beautiful.


Very nice. Looks like you will have some excellent smoke. :sunglasses::us:


Wow, they are fatties @Onlythebest79


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Thanks for the compliments and now to get them dried and cured is the next step :sweat_smile:


Oh damn, she’s coming through!



Yes she is all the white hairs are turning and thanks to you and @Dr.DankThumb420 for suggesting the extra couple feedings and I will give them both one last one tomorrow and then water flush till she’s done hopefully. But will see how she goes the next couple days past the last feeding will depend if that’ll be last.


Well my drying tent finally came and it’s all setup and ready for its first run in a few days. I have 4” cfm fan and carbon filter and also a 6” desk fan to keep the air in the tent moving. Also cut up some wire fencing in 2x2 sections and made 3 shelves to hang bud from. Hope you like


Nice, your dog is like… is this for me? Lol @Onlythebest79


lol RUMMPH where’s my food bowl???


Well I look at my gg#4 are or will be chopped down Sunday or Monday. As 70-90% white hairs are orange and most if not all trichs are cloudy slight amber at top. I gave a gallon sledge hammer flush and an extra gallon PHed water after that to get as much nutes out before this weekend. Will flush PH water Thursday Friday Saturday and maybe Sunday to give both plants 24 hrs darkness before chop time.


Well she is down GG4 plant 1 and plant 2 will be coming down in the morning. I think I’m impressed with this light I have as wet weight is very impressive. Smell lovely and by far my best grow from start to finish. Ended up with 690 grams wet

I’m sold on QB boards and PHed water.

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Glad you’re happy with the results! Will wait patiently for smoke report haha.


I find that giving them that extra 24-48 hours darkness and then chopping in dark, that and plain water last few weeks really keeps the nutes in the roots.



The weight alone and she only had 10 colas on her and no higher than 14” tall. So that’s why I say the light is the S@@t.


Are you saying the dark and plain water holds the nutrients in the soil or did I read that wrong?


Yeah, when the plant is in darkness the food goes to roots, when lights come on it goes back up to the buds. Thats why i harvest in the dark after 48 hours of dark, i cut the roots off then hang the plant whole. But i was just mentioning the 2 techniques go hand in hand, plain water for last few weeks and then the 24-48 hour darkness kinda guarantees a nice clean smoke cuz the chances of any nutes being left over in the buds are very low. Should of explained that better but im faded lol.


Also letting the soil dry out really good before harvest helps with flavors too.