2 gorilla glue #4 , OG Kush clone and a unknown


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Well I’m back again and a new adventure.

2 gorilla :gorilla: glue #4 auto dropped in water bath 4/20 Will be grown under 2 288qb boards and 35 watts of red and far red their home and lights

OG Kush Clone 8 + weeks old starting 4th week of flower will be grown under 1 meizhi 600w led

Unknown strain 8weeks old starting 4th week of flower and will be grown under 1 600w meizhi led

Hope you guys like and enjoy the ride. Hope you had a wonderful and continue to have a wonderful 420

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Northern Light auto x 1, SourHound Auto x 1, Silver Haze x 1, Blackberry Kush Auto x 3, Grand Daddy Purp Auto x 1, Blue Dream Auto x 1
3 bubba kush / 3 green crack autos 1 trainwreck fem 6-22-18

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Great to see you back bro! Glad to finally see what those new lights do from start too.

If I may suggest, unplug driver for far reds til flowering. Unnecessary power draw and time on them during veg.

I’m on watching, best of luck with the grow!


Here and following! Lights you built look bad ass my friend! Are you running autopots?


Glad to be back and yes we’ll get to see what they can do from start to finish. I will unplug the reds for now and then plug back in once they are needed for flowering.

Thanks for compliment but they are only bad ass from the advice of a few guys on this site. So give them/yourself the credit and no I’m not using auto pots this go round. My wife said I have to wait til my son moves out to setup my bigger tent that will house the autopots. So for now only 3 or 4 gallon pots filled with 5/8 foxfarms ocean forest soil and 3/8 growstones.


Sounds great either way! Happy 4:20 buddy


ima watching @Onlythebest79 i :heart: GG…lol


You gonna be one busy person, cool and good luck with everything @Onlythebest79



Nah not really busy and the older two plants are dialed in already so it’s more so just letting them ride out and make sure they are ok. The 2 new ones will keep me entertained but not busy until I get them dialed in.



Hey question for you I have my lights on and dimmed to 50% power. Now being I have new seedlings what light height should I have these set at and dimmed to 50%?


Probably 2’. Will depend a little on where seedlings are in relation to board. But I’d start around there and watch how they react.


Refresh my memory, you have a model with built in dimmer or b model with external pot?



Built in dimmer and I have each pot directly under a light


So on a series driver, 50% output is with the dimmer screw turned all the way down. That’s where you have it? Otherwise halfway is around 75% output. I was just checking, @Kcdaniels and I had this miscommunication before lol.



It’s turned all the way down which will be 50%


You should be good there


Well one of my babies showed her head from lights out to lights on this morning and here she is

And her sister is showing some signs as she’s might show later today


Right on, time get another girl big and fat!


And it begins @Onlythebest79