1st grow! Thought and suggestions

Tape the branches back on?

Did it rip it completely off?

Yes completely off

Clone that baby!

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Maybe I’ll look into how doing that!! That could be beneficial for that strain!! @Holmes

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@Nicky should the plants be spread out or more?


so this is a weekly update I put the filter in and running, it dropped temps to 77 and humidity to 40 percent. It looks like they are about to go in flower would I change anything?

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Also my door is now being sucked in from the ventilation is that something I should worry about? Forgot to tag y’all above @Holmes @Nicky @dbrn32

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That is what the negative pressure is doing! Unless it is causing an issue somewhere then you are OK, it in itself is a good thing!


Ya, pretty normal. You don’t want too high though, you may need to increase air intake.

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@dbrn32 is this when you flip your light cycle for auto flowers when they start to flower?

Hey sorry I have 99 notifications and am on my off time so responce will be slow until Friday.
Things look good.
Lesson learned always tie your fans off and secure them. I ussualy just wraoe the cord a couple times around a top support bar just Incase.

First day of flower is hard to tell exactly.
I mean pre flower starts when you see pistil hairs and then the stretch happens and then you see pistil flowers build and that’s like 3rd week of flower once they are like little star buds that’s when you defoilate.

If they appear to be flowering on long schedule you may not need to change light schedule for autos. But I would also say that there is no reason to run longer than 12 hours in flower if you have high enough light density

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Agreed, @Ston3rbby what’s your light again?


I just started another 6 plants so might be adding one or two more of those

No experience with them I strongly recommend kingbrite.
Those are knock off knock offs lol
Knock off spider farmers.

@Nicky @dbrn32 so I had to raise my light all the way to the ceiling and it’s still 18 inches from the top is that going to cause problems?

Why did you have to raise them?

It won’t if they are getting ideal Coverage.

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Plants looked great 3 days ago.


@dbrn32 @Nicky because they stretched some more and I didn’t want the tops to close to the light! Should I put the light back down?