1st grow! Thought and suggestions

@Nicky Absolutely! Thanks for the tag

Here is a link of where the last spreadsheet i posted. That will give an indication of what im doing and why. You can scroll up from there as I updated quite frequently

Thnx ash. That’s a good read @Ston3rbby it’s basically going to see the future of all the things your gonna want to know with answers etc.

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I’m using fabric pots where would the run off be at?

Ussualy stars at the sides but eventually soak the whole medium and it will run off the botom

@Ston3rbby While you’re watering, run off will start dripping from the bottom of the pots so make sure you have a saucer or something to catch the run off

@Nickyshouod I be clipping or taking any leaves off yet? I used a strap for the fans only two plants are big as you see and the other ones aren’t really blooming


No not yet day 21 of flower or when you see little pistol star buds.

Hey how are you hanging those fans?

@Nickyi used two of the straps tied it around the pole and the bottom of the fan upside down and rearranged them so all the plants are moving!! I don’t even think they are in day one of flower yet

Plants are looking great! They sure have come a long way. In really surprised they didn’t flower on you along the way. How fortunate. Enjoy the rest of your grow!

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Could you sent me a picture? I have the same amazon fan and I’m not sure how to hang it I wish I bought a clip fan lol

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@Nicky hey can you tell me what’s up with this little guy?

Man I’m so glad I didn’t mess them up not using fertilizer but in think that’s what saved me as well slowed them down but they were still healthy and now they are about one month and 12 days in

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A Mutation. Lol looks like a house plant leaf. Grow it out let’s see what happens. Might be something crazy good or just weird. Might just be one leaf

@Nicky is there anyway to tell how big the yield be?


To many variables in any grow I can’t even gauge my own haha :smile_cat:

:joy::joy: my concern about that plant is it has three leaves and the other one is at six @Nicky also how can I tell when first day of flower is

@Nicky also how can I tell the first day of flower?

Sad day for the king grow was setting up ventuallation and dropped it on the plant

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Pick her up, put some Aloe on the wound, tape her together and prop her up with a stick! She may love a little rough stuff!