Will this led light be enough?

Recently bought this grow light, I live in Africa and grow lights are a rare commodity. I bought it from a friend who hadn’t used it. But here are the specs.

Can I use this for a single auto plant to grow indoors? So far I’ve been nursing my plant outside but the intense heat, sun plus pests and bugs are taking a toll on her. Temperatures outside are about 98/105f. Advice highly appreciated.
Stay safe everyone

Wow Africa sounds so nice right now im in Ohio and its like 30 here :thinking:. Im no pro but seems like it would beat bugs and the 105 degree leaf curling temps.


It wont be adequate for flowering, and I can guarantee for that price it is not a 600 watt lamp. If it is it is mostly heat and not light. Generally, you can expect to pay roughly 1 dollar per watt for a decent light in the LED family. And a fair bit less for a gas lamp.
I would say if you are in a a serious outlay budget an HID would be a good choice


@Cannabian. It’s really about finding the gear, HID lights will probably be a hard find. I’ll look around but I’m certain it’s hard to find. If I do find a HID, wouldn’t it create heat comparable to outside temperature ? I’m thinking if the LED light that I’ve just bought is inadequate maybe it’s best to keep the plant in a shaded area outside rather than in blazing sun.

Shade works wonders, idk what your place looks like, but maybe you could do a mix of natural light plus the grow light, again I’m not sure what the legality of this is where you are but if it isn’t an issue you can probably place some reflective material around somewhere that gets a lot of light indoors then place the light above that, there will be obvious light outside when it gets darker so idk if it would work for you.

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@orb932 thank you. I appreciate the advice. The room available faces west and only gets sunlight for a few hours before dark. So supplementing the LED light and those few hours of sunshine might still be insufficient.
I guess having the plant in a shaded area Outside is probably best.

Glad to help, good luck with the heat!

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If that’s all you have and your just growing 1 plant to get into growing and starting out that light will indeed grow a plant. It will be light airy fluffy buds but it will grow. With that being said everyone is stressing how important lights are like the #1 muy importante key to growing. If ya could do outside and inside like @orb932 said it would totally benefit. But I did 1 entire grow of 2 plants with 1 - 1000w blurple (which that light is) and speaking from experience it will yield a couple blunts…lol good luck and we have another cat from Africa if I remember I’ll connect you two.


If that’s all you have then that’s all you have. It’s not a 600watt light like it says, that’s basically the wattage at which the light will actually fail. Normally these Chinese lights are 1/3 - 1/2 the advertised power which will probably place it in the 200-300 watt range. Kept in a 2x2 or a 2x3 area and with proper plant training you could probably yield about 2 ounces of decent bud and another half ounce of larf.

I have grown a pound with cheap led lights so I know that they will work. You’ll definitely do yourself a favor if you can ever upgrade that thing though


After looking at it a little further, it’s probably gonna be closer to the 200 watt range.

I wouldn’t grow an auto with it. Unless you stress the hell out of the auto, the auto will probably outgrow the light.

I would do a photoperiod plant where you control when to initiate flower and that way you can keep the plant small


@TDubWilly @LoCoRock. I figured it wasn’t a 600w, but it’s the only grow light I’ve come across thus far. To be honest I won’t be using it, I’ll keep her outside in a shaded area and let nature take it’s course. I’ll be vigilant to check for bugs and pests. Here’s a picture of her, very lower leaves have been yellowing and it was suggested I use cal-mag, which is impossible to find here so I made a mix of epson salt and crushed egg shells. I watered her last night with a 1/4 dose of gh flora series.

I forgot to mention that a few days ago I misted with 50/50 water and peroxide solution to keep bugs off. I assume that’s why some leaves look like they’re speckled with small white dots.

You havent mentioned the legality of growing in your area? I believe you said you live in Africa? Dont you get a lot of sun there? Nothing beats sunlight, ive also noticed you said growing in shady area? Why? Cannabis is a light hog if you have natural sun and a reasonably long season absolutely grow yer dope outdoors! I do and I live in Canada! Its hard to grow long season plants here, but I do. Opague poly keeps eyes off yer weed as long as you have great ventilation. Crappy lights are worse than partial sun. I would grow in the trees before I used a crappy light. Thats all Im saying. Not trying to say you cant grow weed with them but it will be scrawny and marginal at best.

It’s not legal but there isn’t a soul that doesn’t indulge. Draconian laws I’m afraid. I’ve grown bush weed outdoors before, they went through huge pest and bug problems and diseases. I can foresee issues cropping up if I grow in a. Pot outside. That’s the main reason I want to grow a decent genetically good high strain. It’s a LSD auto from Barney’s. Growing indoors at least I can control the environment. Outside I surrender to the elements. It’s currently bone dry and arid and the moment as we’re in the dry season, temperatures in the shade are 95/100f. Hence the reason I want to keep in the shade. In future I should probably look for a strain better adapted to this weather. Can you suggest ? I’d happily purchase from Ilgm if they ship here :relaxed:
But seriously does she look in good health from the picture? Every grower likes to be told he’s on the right track.
Stay safe

That’s something We have in abundance! Currently averaging about 14hrs a day of undiluted mf of a sun

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Lower leaves are yellowing and general overall color suggests it may be lacking some Nitrogen? As for strains, Im a bit confused? Are you growing in an enclosure of some kind? Sounds like you may be? You are using natural light yes? If you can grow long flowering strains like Thai or any of the strains locally grown… are you equatorial or south Africa?

Its the amount of total darkness that really matters. As long as you are less than 10 to 11 hours you should be good? Equatorial strains are not photoperiod plants, its believed they are triggered by intensity of light more than hours of darkness. Our planet travels around the sun in an egg shaped orbit, the pointy end is closest to the sun and is more intense, the fattest end is farthest away and represents the equatorial winter …so to speak. Up here in the North the planets tilt determines the angle at which the sun strikes the planet. In the winter the planet tilts north of the equator effectively reducing the angle and the sun appears further south. Therefore we quite noticeably see shortening days towards the winter and now our days are getting longer by I believe 3 minutes each day. Plants that are acclimated to a more Northern climate have a photo period trigger because they need to or they die before seed set. Plants at the equator require a different trigger because the day length is pretty much equal. These equatorial plants are NOT autos! Autos are typically high north ruderal plants that have to flower super early or they will fail to seed.

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I’m currently growing on my balcony outside. Yes currently using natural light. My location is west Africa. I’m reluctant to feed her the full recommended dose of nutrients, it was only a few days ago I fed a quarter of the dose. I’m using the GH flora series.

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Are you in the green part or the brown part of West Africa. Its a big place lol. Like do plants grow where you are or is it stupid arid?

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It’s a jungle out here. Lush green everywhere. In a few months the rainy season starts and humidity will be crazy. Glad I’m growing outdoors now when it’s dry.