What is the significance of your screen name?


So, tell us the story behind your handle.

I used to be a nationally ranked top 100 skeet shooter and my handle refers to how to address the 410 gauge (one of the 4 gauges shot in competition. 12,20 and 28 being the other 3) and is kind of a running joke.


Back in the 90s I used to play a MUD (Multi User Dungeon) which was essentially a text based adventure game similar to todays graphical versions (Everquest/World of Warcraft). I needed a name so I kept joining letters until it formed a name I liked. Heh pretty nerdy I know.


Mine is taken from a rap song “Goid Times” from Redman. He says:
The only kid with a Velcro, fabric thumb
Neva! dropin’ the blunt
Plus, since its my first grow and im no Green Thumb (yet), i figured Velcro Thumb lol


Just a nickname chosen by me when I was playing counter strike(the game) 10-12 years ago. It’s supposed to be MAur but 4 is almost like A so that was cool then :joy:.


its kind of self explanatory


@Myfriendis410 thats very cool, my wife and i love shooting clay birds. One of our favorite date nights.
My sn familyman420, is a reference to the most important thing to me my family. I live in a not legal state and when i went for custody of my daughter my exwifes family used the fact i smoke pot against me saying i cant be a good dad if im a pot smoker. So its kind of a spin to that because i love my kids and wife and being a daddy, and 420 part is my other love…lol


Alton is my hometown in Illinois.
It’s located along the banks of the Mississippi River just to the northeast of St. Louis , Missouri.

It’s known as one of the most haunted cities in the U.S.

66 stands for 1966, the year I was born.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


My name is what I want to achieve after a smoking/or edible session. Totally AmnesiaHaze :rofl: forget everything for a moment to unwind and relieve the pressure in my thoughts and brain. Then get blasted into oblivion with the other genetics thanks to Super Silver Haze.


Mine is the name I decided because of the stigma associated with growing/consuming. Secretive sounded a bit off. So I went with a different way of saying it. Mrs. covertgrower told me, she supported me growing, but the kids and neighbors can never know. Legal state, but small town, and most of all judgementel people.
@Myfriendis410 thanks for making this post, because I’ve really wondered about some people names. Especially yours and @VelcroThumb. Now I have to find the song! Lol


@Covertgrower styles p good times remix with method man, redman and others!
if we said we didnt :dash:, you would call us liars// we :fire: down more :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree: than forest fires


I’ve always been a young man in an old man’s game… nickname just stuck… youngster always running with the vet’s… :wink:
In reality it’s the other way around these day’s… lol :wink:
Give’em hell while you still can… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


My user is from a beautiful set of mountain falls in Maine




Green because that’s what we want the plants to be and thunder for a vague reference to Alaska’s famous strain :v:


I’m 6’4" tall and weigh in at 220 lbs. Need any more explanation?


Usually at my last 3 jobs everyone has referred to me as Honky.
Well when I started on this forum my paranoia wouldn’t let me use it,thinking the pigs would surely know it was me :joy::joy:
So I love the nugs , and the bug??? Heck if I know but it does have a Lil ring to it


Thanks for sharing! It’s fun to know a bit more about our friends on the forum.

6’ 4" 200 lbs for me @1BigFella. I can still wear the waist size I had in high school haha.


I was actually thinking about your screen name the other day @Myfriendis410 . Why it was 410 and not 420. I thought you just wanted to be 10 minutes early to smoke.:sunglasses:


When I discussed growing with my wife she said “Just grow it…”


The name says it. I only want to “ germinate, veggitate, bloom, flower, harvest, dry, cure/burp, break down/grind, roll, light, burn/smoke, puff puff pass, the best weed I can grow to smoke. The number 79 should be easy as it’s for the year I was born.


Love to hear about that my fellow joint-smoker. Same here… Best meds for ever! :joy: and 79 was a good year, I don’t know about 69 :joy: but I’m born in 86 so… Lol to much weed in a small piece of paper…