What is the significance of your screen name?


I got mine from a strain that came out of the Appalachian mountains in the 1980’s and it was ready to toke in September. They called it Early Pearl, so that’s my story.


Hmmm that sounds good, a fast strain. Any info on that? @EarlyPearl
Later edit : just find it! Interesting strain but she’s have only 3.9 points on leafy now I’m thinking to that relaxing bar


When I was a Kid I did BMX stunts and that was the nick name I was given 46 years ago. 53 now and still a little crazy…


My names a bit self explanatory :slight_smile:


Thanks for the find. I didn’t even know that it existed anymore. Yeah, you needed a sleeping bag or bed close by after indulging.


I searched some websites and one of them said 50 to 70 days flowering time. I guess us hillbillies were onto something and didn’t even know it.


It is my friend :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
And BTW I am believer :wink:


Style of martial arts I studied when I was younger… hehehe…
269 is the digits of my 1st phone…


Those three digits might be my current area code… @Dragon269


Those are the 1st 3 digits of first phone in the 70s…
@Covertgrower giving away my age😎


That’s funny. My name comes from a MUD as well (End of the Line). It was a type from “boggle” when someone was trying to emote “SoandSo boggles at the concept” and it became a meme on the MUD (before there were “memes” as we know them today).

So yeah… my name is a typo for Boggle. One of the wizards on the MUD still has a domain bogleg


/grin @Bogleg

Lol that it is funny. I lost myself in them for a few years. I even temporarily became a deity on mine (Darkover) and made a few zones. Those were some good times :slight_smile:


tr33… oh wow, no originality or fun story for me.


Desperado…The Eagles
When it came out in 1973 I was 21. I was at a cross road and the song stirred a strong emotional reaction. So I have used it as my user name ever since.


@Bogleg I always thought yours was a literal name. A leg found in a bog. They find body parts/bodies all the time in peat bogs. Perfectly preserved. Type in bog bodies and see what you find. Kind of amazing actually. Your version is ok too though. Lol


I was thinking the same thing! Those bog bodies are really cool!


Well I played a mmorpg called Ultima Online for ages,and Neckred was my Necro…rather boring


I played that for about 5 min until I got pvp’d while mining ore lol.


@Tylan…lol…that was my very first experience…was mining on ATlantic shard mining above Brit and a guy came and pk’d me with like 4 freaking timberwolves,that was in 1998, I stopped playing 2 yrs ago because I picked up a new hobby…lollol


My screen name actually belongs to my Black 2004 Mach1 Mustang. The Mustang emblem on the front is a custom one made by someone just trying to make a couple bucks so here’s a little history of what happened. A well known automobile sculpture artist Lawrence Braun was commissioned by this person to make a mold so he could have some Mustang and Cobra emblems made out of bronze then plated in Gold. I believe only two molds were made by Lawrence Braun, one for the horse and one for the cobra. This person then had the emblems made out of solid bronze and then had them nickel plated and finally 24K gold plated with some having a red ruby eye. This was done about 2004 and ad’s were running in all the Mustang mags. It didn’t take long for Ford to see the ad’s and had a court order for no more sales until this either was worked out or taken to court. The person decided not to sell the emblems and was told to either destroy the remaining emblems or give them away. Since he wasn’t making much money and Ford wanted their share for the Trade Mark infringement. I imagine they did get their share for what was sold. Anyway I was able to get one many years ago from a good friend. He had sold a few for this person and was given one with the ruby eye for the help he did so he had an extra. I was thrilled when he sent it to me one day and I went right out and installed it but I didn’t like the gold on the black Mach1 since everything else was chrome. I had the clear coat removed that protected the gold and professionally plated over the gold with nickel and then chromed. My wife has a small diamond that I may install into the horses eye this year, nobody will think it’s real. Here’s a better picture of my avatar. You see that this pony is much more fierce than the stock one hence the name.

Here’s what an original one look like.