What is the average Shiping time to Australia, WA in particular?


There were afew topics on US shipping and failure to ship, but not alot on Aus shipping. Just wondering how long it takes to ship here on average? Thanks.


That’s a question that can’t be answered. Every shippent is different.
But the good thing is …you will get you’re order in a receptable amount of time.
Plus its free.:slight_smile:

B Safe


Okay thanks!


I placed an order on the first of July and haven’t received it yet. Hoping it’s still on the way!


Hey BLZD, shipments to Australia normally arrive within 5 to 20 working days.


what about 90 days? thats how long i’ve been waiting. i believe i have been scammed…


Hi @dicky78945 sorry to hear your reshipment still has not arrived yet. Please continue your conversation with Stacy to discuss a solution at support@ilovegrowingmarijuana.com


@dicky78945 hey mate how did you go? Any luck yet?
I orderd seeds last week…im also from West oz.


I ordered seeds 12 days ago, im from VIC AUS, so idk if that helps lol if I dont end up getting my seeds, I doubt I would continue on this site, but everyone is such good help on here though! They havnt replied to my email aswell to see my ‘order status’


You’ll get ypur seeds mate, Good crew here. Australia mail is a bitch and customs is a bigger bitch


So you did get your seeds? :slight_smile:


Interesting question: I bought three White Widow seeds as an experiment on 4 January and hadn’t rec’d anything within the suggested 25 business days. Dropped an email to the powers that be and was told not to panic, but they would forward another packet of seeds. Sat back and waited… and one morning there was a knock on the door and a little envelope containing my order. Happy days. It took 47 business days for the envelope to reach me, but then I’m in Queensland so getting to Victoria or WA might take longer… or not. So far wonderful folks to deal with and the seeds have all sprouted - my little babies look good!


Hi mate
I see your in Oz just wondering how you went about ordering your seeds, any particular way that you placed your order as I’m not sure how to go about this.
your help would be greatly appreciated


Hi @sweetas, you should be able to simply order by placing seeds in your cart and heading to the checkout. Choose your preferred payment method, pay, sit back and relax and w3e’ll do the rest :smiley:


yeah customs is chit I’m on second resend …can ilgm do something for us aussies even if we are given an option for super stealth and we pay twenty bucks more an order I for one could live with that :slight_smile:


or whatever it would cost


and for the record my first order turned up after twelve days I’m in vic but second order no good…I think this is normal from what I have read on several websites about our customs spit


It’s been 11 weeks since my first order from ILGM. Received nothing in my mailbox though I’m staying positive and hopefully would get a re-send from the team. I’m in VIC as well.


Kushy I didn’t get mine either…ilgm have offered too refund my money after second resend which I wouldn’t even entertain/…it happens will try again in a month or so


Mate got my seeds no worries I’m in country vic :slight_smile:

second lot didn’t come and they offered me a refund they sent two lots both didn’t get here. I’m not overly stressed they got nabbed we are in aus worst customs in the world. they offered money back but there seeds are that good I said no thanks you guys really tried. So after the second attempt they were great with like ok well give you youre money back that too me says genuine supplier (sorry mate). And ive been making this incredible tea with the leaves omfg hello stoned. Sorry mate cant agree with you :frowning:

So got first lot no worries second lot they sent and then resent nothing I can do they didn’t turn up. Don’t see what the issue is if you ask for a refund this site really is genuine and rocks well I think so bru :slight_smile: