What is the average Shiping time to Australia, WA in particular?


I just checked on our email conversation about this matter. The last email was from me offering you a refund through bank transfer/ Bitcoin or Paypal, I asked you what you would prefer. I never received a reply on that, can you please get in contact with us so we can fix this issue?


I ordered 20 days ago, also to vic, nothing arrived so far… Did yours come through in the end?


I ordered on the 10th of June-still no seeds.I waited the 25 days contacted the support centre.Got a response from a Sarah who gave me the standard response-sorry to hear your seeds haven’t arrived we will reship etc.Waited another 25 days-surprise no seeds.Contacted them again.Sarah responds with the same, I’m guessing, automated response reship, reconfirm address ,wait 25 days.I asked questions she didn’t answer my questions only restated the 25 day policy.Again, no seeds again, I contact Sarah same response and again no seeds.I’m thinking if your in Australia try another seed company cause I’m down nearly $300 US don’t let it happen to you.


My order turned up in qld in 8 business days from ordering. Stealth shipping well worth the $25 :+1:t2:


Hi all,

Anyone from WA ordered some seeds recently?

I made an order on 24th of Oct and still waiting… Will wait completion of the 25 business day period to make enquiries to the webmaster.



@Hallo hi mate,good luck with it,hope you have some success with ilgm, a question tho,have you looked domestic at all? :slight_smile: