Waiting on seeds my 1st grow I just purchased a 24x24x48 tent

Waiting on seeds my 1st grow I just purchased a 24x24x48 tent I have a Phlizon 600w veg & flower light 4 gallon pot bag of ocean forest potting soil do I have what I need to get started when seeds arrive. I will purchase as needed future supplies as recommended. I am planning on 1 plant in this space and adding another same size setup every month opinions welcome.

After soaking seeds can I plant directly into large pots 1/2 inch deep?

This tho👆🏾

Many new growers fail at two things. Over/underwatering (which is simple with too big a pot)
And PH PH PH. NEVER underestimate the power of power pH


Growing in a 48-inch in tall tent is a a difficult task got to get your fan hung in the top light will be under the fan considering the height of the pot don’t have a whole lot of room left for plants . You could always use the tent for drying. Welcome and good luck

Thank you,
I am going to. Look at the quality of the 2x2 tent and buy a larger if quality is good. I will find a use for the 2x2 that is coming today. Seeds got delayed P.O. Said delivered nothing came so I assume they will re ship so I have plenty of time. Thank you for your input. New to forum so posts are limited had to wait to reply. Friend gave me some seeds of Skywalker OG I started soaking 4 seeds last night. Waiting on White Widow both are supposed to be auto flower.
I’m planning on starting on my deck outside with plenty of sunshine and moving to tent on deck and moving to tents when needed. Tent will be on the deck also looking at a 48x24x60 that will fit nicely on my deck. Thank you for your advice. Would you recommend cloth pots? Just checked all seeds sunk in cup in closet should I leave them in dark closet until tails start?

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Hi @Witchhouse! I’m excitedly awaiting the harvesting of my indoor WWA first EVER crop! I found it helpful to go and read a bunch of beginner grow journals and the free ebooks on this site.
As you are finding out everybody is helpful and nice. You’ll do great here!
Just wanted to say hi :wave: and welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you I have been reading and it all makes sense when I read but since I had a stroke my memory fails me so I may ask a lot of questions I hope I am not redundant I am doing this for therapy and of course product.

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Yes I like the cloth fabric pots let’s The Roots get more oxygen. Dark place will be fine for germinating seeds. You will like the taller tent much easier to work with.

Thanks I am looking forward to us making my grow a success. I think I am going to need lots of help and it looks like I found the right place to get it. Thank you all for your input it is very much appreciated.

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For me, I think I might be able to relate. It’s age and dozens of surgeries for me, but I get it.
Memory loss is nothing to fear here! I will just speak for everyone, ask as much as you need. Ask the same question over and over. No big deal! Be comfortable, and be you!

Welcome lots of great people here with knowledge to help you.

Seeds sunk do I remove from cup or leave until I see roots start?


Have been in water about 18 hours

You can continue as you are until you see a tail. For me, after 18-24hr in the water, I transfer them into a damp paper towel and put the paper towel in an UNzipped ziplock bag. At that point, I check once every 12 hours until I see a 1/4 inch tap root.

For the moisture in your paper towel, it has to be wet but not to wet. I hold it out until there is no water pouring off of it.

Edit: this should all be done in a dark place, roots dont like the light

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And by the way, welcome to the forum. Lots of great guys and gals always willing to help out. If you need something just holler and if I dont know the answer I always know someone who does. Good luck on the seeds!!!

Thanks much appreciated

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Sicko has u covered. 18-24 hours in glass. Then to napkins (damp not wet) watch for tails then into dirt.

On the starting outside thing. Stretching is usually due to light source being far away. The sun is millions (or billions) of miles away, thus the ULTIMATE stretcher. If u know now ur gonna be height restricted, id limit the starting outside to a couple weeks. After much more u wont be able to stuff that tree into a 2x2 tent :joy::joy:

What temperature should I try to keep the seeds in a covered paper towel in the closet?

Warm. Not hot. Warm. Think 72ish should suffice

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