Waiting on seeds my 1st grow I just purchased a 24x24x48 tent

Thanks I got my 2x2 tent ordered larger 48x24x63 should have the room I need now i need to buy a second light waiting for the tails to start planting.


I just ordered the parts for a new light as well! The grow becoming addictive on its own lol.

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Being retired and after my stroke I bought a condominium I took up gardening flowers and a few vegetables. They are doing well hope I have the same luck here. Started all plants from seed I am just now learning patience. I am glad I have those to keep me busy while these get started.


Well if you stick around and cut your teeth here, you will be growing monsters in no time!!

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Looking forward to it thank you

That’s great! I do enjoy my veggie garden as well.

Checked seeds this morning soaked 24 hours put between damp paper towels no movement yet gave them a light spray this morning will check this evening anxiously waiting !!!

Keep em dark, warm and humid! Over here cheering you on!!!

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Thanks doing best I can working on patience

Lets go little seeds! Pop those tails! :crossed_fingers:t5::crossed_fingers:t5:

Btw what kind did you drop?

Skywalker OG given to me from friend waiting on White Widow was lost in the mail resending today.

Ahhh. Nothing but good things about the OG Jedi strain. N WW is tried n true as well.

Got up this morning one seed out of 4 has developed a tail about 1/4 inch I planted 1/2 inch deep in a cup and put under light. Now what should I expect planted in fox farm potting soil.

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Do you have a dome over it? Just keep it warm and mist the dome and be careful not to over do it. Now just sit and stare at it for hours till it sprouts lol. JK sounds like your on the right track!

I put in dry soil used a spray bottle gave a few sprays to just dampen top have light about 16 inches above

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With this being my first grow I was thinking of trying super soil from pot for pot with fox farm it claims to be forgiving and had good reviews do you have ant thoughts on that? Using 5 gallon fabric pot.

So far only 1 seed grew a tail going to give them a few more days for the other 3

If I’m not mistaken I think @elheffe702 posted he burnt his seedlings a little with FF. I tagged him so let him chime in on that to be certain.

Don’t let the one get to big. 1/4 Inch is the sweet spot and you want it in the dirt.

It is in a cup with Fox Farm Ocean Forest 1/2 inch deep in dry soil gave about 5 sprays with water bottle under light other 3 still in closet

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