Topping a clone

I can verify my gg4 got WAY too strong about 7-9 generations in. She is history now. Runtz punch and Devils crack next clone runs.


I was able to clone, in the past. Not lately and thats the goal. $200.00 for seeds is too much, unless I can stretch the results. Thats the goal for sustaining the grow. I will keep you posted. Thanks


Deepdiverdave, you ever make it out of island county I would be glad to give you some locally bred novelty items not intended for germination to admire only in a container. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: no strings attracted.

I am not too far from Alderwood if you ever make it south on errands.

I got a lifetime of keeper clones too if that is more your fancy.

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I am intrigued. My wife would enjoy a day at the mall.
I donated a truckload of plants, for the local We Serve plant sale.

Sharing is caring.

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So you get it. Karma is a powerful thing. I would be honored to share. Just give me a heads up.

I’m going no where. I don’t know what the movers would say if I told them to pack up my living soil beds. I would never move with out it. Ha

The truckload was primarily RHPoker plants. I give away 1-200 each year when I clean out a poker bed.
Last fall, I moved 100 red hot poker plants out and planted Tulips. Never before in 20 years of living here, but this winter the freeze/snow took out 90% of ALL my pokers, except those in the temporary bed of containers (gallon jug plants got better sunlight and suffered less frost-freeze. I expect, if I rake them clean now, the dead beds will grow back and No bed cleaning required for 5-10 years. Cool.
Still have some to relocate. My goal has been to help the bees and hummingbirds. I started renting Mason Bees, since 2020

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I am a bee fan too. My cherries and peaches would not stand a chance without the mason bees.

Have you ever tried catnip, cats aside.? I think it’s an under utilized bee plant. The highest bee counts I get are on my catnips. They are more popular than the mints to the bees.

I could totally spot those as Lily’s, but honestly never been introduced to the poker Lily. I am very intrigued.
About the pollinator qualities.

I confess, I am a slum-lord, I don’t pay a wage and use the Mason Bees for “free’” to work my apple trees. I thought the process was rent the bees, release the bees, and end of summer return the nesting tubes for harvesting. Found out they need a spa that has swimming pool, mud bath, and flowers to lead them to my trees. If we hit the weather, the flower cycles, and avoid a rain wash-out, the apple blossoms get pollinated. Apple sauce, apple rings, and apple butter can be had. Last year 350 cups apple sauce, 1/3 apple crop left on ground for bees, and 1/3 gave away. Last year, I scored some poker seeds from my plants!

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I am jealous of your apples. Mine are just babies in my food forest. My cosmic crisp has just had 2 falls and 1 summer. My Granny Smith is 3 summers old and its second spring I grafted a alcane, Fuji, and honey crisp to it. They all took.

I am one hell of a bench grafter. Been doing it to cherries and pears for years. Once I finish my pheno hunt on my peaches and nectarines, I plan to chop off the losers and graft the winners to their 3 yr old scions. Apparently they are not fond of our wet springs. I read that just 8 cherries and 4 nectarines are known to even fruit in the PNW maritime climate. Reviews on the fruit growers forums were not dependable so I bought them all and will do my own microclimate selection. Like one would not fruit in shoreline, but rocked in Olympia or Camano island.

Also got some strawberry guavas to try; they are supposed to do great here like my fuzzy kiwis. And a Pakistani mulberry tree because who doesn’t want to try an 8” long blackberry that taste like it was dipped in raspberry and strawberry sauce at the same time.

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So glad to see you here my Canadian friend. I want to welcome him on this site to everyone. He is feeling it out like I did (from another canna forum) after Currdogg420 invited me.

I have been meaning to ask you a question for a while. I dated an older woman in my early 20s from your neck of the woods. Central BC, not as close to Vancouver. She was working @ UW where me met. She moved back. Anyway, she always referred to weed as “gear”. I have NEVER heard that slang used before. Or since. Still makes me pause when I (in my head) hear it and say huh?? My question is, have you ever heard anyone around you refer to cannabis as “gear”? She would say, “ I got some good gear eh, want to smoke.” That relationship was mostly about smoking weed and physical attraction. She was never marriage material but it was fun while it lasted.

What types of apples do you grow.?

Red Hot Poker Plants aka Kniphofia, listed for sale & delivery on Ebay

I want to learn grafting. Too busy since retiring(?)
Gala Apple trees. the two trees are bigger than my house and at least 50 years old.
I need a ladder to climb and can then stand inside tree for limb cutting. I wait for the apples to find the ground, for most, a daily harvest to get the good apples.

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I was able to transplant 30 sucker-starts from my Lilac Bushes, last year.
Looks like most all are placing new leaves/growth.

Haha, I hear you. I did the same thing, but just 1. I have an aquarium client on Capitol Hill that I dug one up from. His suckers were running into the parking strip by the sidewalk. Had to take one of those, they smell so nice.

Isn’t that what retiring is for? Especially on weed.:blush:

Not to bring you or me down, but 4 surgeries, in the past 2 years, and 2 failed with 6 more needed.
I can’t consume enough.

My wife is cool with the idea of a 98037 Mall trip so I listed the Red Hot Pokers on Ebay

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Damn, I should give you a grab bag too, and a jug of my olive oil if we ever meet up. I give pounds to the VA on Beacon hill. The least I could do is share with you too.

@noddykitty1 “I get by with a little help from my friends” has more meaning. If you buy the pokers, I can deliver on Friday May 13 and work it out.

“What would you do if I sang out of tune”

Turn up the amp. Ha. Great song. That should work. I get back from taking the kids to Disney land that week. I have never ordered from eBay, but I would love a few seeds or a lil Lily. Aquabid for aquarium fish; had to cancel my account because I have no control. I figured I better stay off eBay for the same reason. But honestly, no strings attached. I would be glad to share the karma. :pray:

Or was that Beatles version with that phrase? Still a great tune.