This is why you need veg lights

Well I had some serious issues with my veg light setup and thus a month has gone by before all the lighting has shown up so the entire time I have ran it off my 3000k LED COB (epistar, 90*degrees) 300w true from the wall power (rated 600w).

The one on the right I believe is auto cheese the other one is Dutch treat both higher cbd plants, they got mixed up so not sure.

This was my first indoor grow.
I was expecting a little to say the least but oh well, the importance of getting the equipment and learning how to control my 2x4 closet grow is part of the process.
I have 2x 200w cfl 6500K sunblaster + reflectors that should be arriving near the end of the month.
Each produce 14,000 lumens so I’m going to put both of them in the tent for the next next grow attempt and hope they can grow 4 plants I will tun run my led and probably switch one of the CFL reflectors with a 2700k flower light as I’m not sure if both and my led will fit in the tent lol.
There were lots of mix up’s and then when they did send me the products they were damaged so re sending again and now I’m away for work just having a friend water them.

I laughed once I seen the flower I knew they were growing slow but I wasn’t sure if it was something else and I did have gnats for 2 days but I caught it and fixed that issue. This was due to over watering and a leaking humidfior that caused some issues.

Because there is no one in the house alot of the time I am considering getting one of those co2 bags for my next attempt.
Will be interesting to see where the plants go from here.
The one good thing is that I think the plant on the left is Dutch treat and thus it is not autoflower so I might be able to salvage it if I keep the lights on only a 4hr nap until I’m ready for it to flower.
Time. Will tell

Ps zoom in you can see the start of the flower on the right.
This is a month give or take a few days

You need to reload picture @Nicky
Wait for it to say 100% before posting

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Oh wow, I’m anxious for the pic. I did watch a you tube video on the subject. Curious to see what yours look like.

Thank you, sorry new to the forums obviously haha.

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The picture looks like your a peeping tom…lol :grin::joy::rofl:
Lookin through the blinds like that… you perv…:wink:



For some reason the light seems to overwhelm the camera and it has these black lines in it. Happened on both my phone and a friend’s phone of different make.


Well they have grown, it’s slow though.
No idea what water PH is or TDS just maintain Temps and a 35% Humidity watering with tap water and ones in pro mix the other is in miracle grow (both potting soils).

Well they are actually growing more. Than I expected them to, seems they were definitely stunted after putting them in the pots but now are growing ever so slowly.
I’m. Still away until next weekend.

Ps can someone post I’ve done 3 in a row so stuck now.
Pss is this the right spot for this thread? Maybe I should be just in lights as the other ones not auto flowering as I thought it was and this is generally light info @Countryboyjvd1971?

The plants don’t look that bad @Nicky
You really want to know the ph an ppm
When you transplant there will be a few day where little or no growth happens above the soil as the roots grow below
But with in a week they should take off if everything is on point in soil the ph needs to be between 6.3 - 6.8

Knowing what you have to start with makes it easier to adjust when watering

Do you have a digital ph meter and tds meter ?
If not I will tell you this both tools are required if you want to grow MJ

If you ph is out of range above or below the range I posted you will have issues
The lower singal finger leaves those will yellow and die off so I wouldn’t worry about them you can pull or cut them off if you want


I have both I’m waiting to get home to get some water and calibrate it, I just have a friend stopping in every 2 days and watering with tap water that has been left out to allow the chlorine to dissipate. I wish the meters came with a packet of distilled water because I was only home for the holidays and in a smaller town where virtually everything was closed.

I agree they are looking not to bad for growing on a 3k light and just in regular potting soil with tap water haha. Although the autoflower obviously didn’t like it because not enough proper light to veg.
Should have two 200w 6400k CFL’s with reflectors waiting for me at home, one just needs to be re plugged on the end because it’s got a funky plug for daisy chain or for a ballast not sure how it was designed.

Will just have to wait for now and watch just the same as you guys/gals

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@dbrn32 aside from the PH and TDS which I will check as soon as I’m home in a week why do you think my plans are growing so slow?
I planted them first couple days of December…

Could my lighting be junk? Unfortunately I can’t measure the PAR…
update: seller is going to show me images of par as proof he measures them
They are said to be
600w rated, 300w from the wall (checked)
3000k LED COB epistar
Full spectrum white
Cri Ra>80
They had 180
degree lenses but I changed them to 90* degree lenses when I ordered I asked for that change as I had read it would be better suited for my application. But with the 180 they were claiming at 19.7 inches a cover of 0.63m squared and 26600 lux.

Ps what size of pots are those? Are those

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Are you asking me what size your pots are? I have no idea, was gonna ask you the same to get a reference on plant size lol. My guess maybe 2 gallon or so?

Plant on right is flowering, so I’d say you’re correct thats an auto. It’s also probably not going to get a lot bigger because of that.

You say that like it’s not enough. Ph out of range can stall your plants by itself. But its really hard to say if you’re not around a lot. Those pots don’t drain well, so plant could easily be overwatered. Things like temperature, transplanting, or a number of other things can shock your plants.

Lol sorry heck idk what size they are the X bought them when I was at work…

I was asking you about the lighting, but fair enough on the PH and TDS. Can’t wait to get home Friday night.

I’ll get new pots for the next grow

Ps not going to get much bigger because it’s already made the switch and my veg time yielded terrible growth right? . Not that it’s meant to be that big lol

Just got a late night update

is d

I just notice there is one bottle. Leaf that has curled in on its slef like its about to ro a joint… Hmm I’ll have to read into that unless anyone has any diagnosis

They’re showing a little nitrogen toxicity. Not sure if that’s issue or not. Sometimes they die quickly from touching dirt too.

Nothing noticeably from lights in those pics.

@dbrn32 hmm odd I used potting soil normal no nutrients…

I Recieved the PAR test results from the light here. One thing to keep in mind is I put 90* Lenses they put 180 in their normal model that the test results are from. I’m trying to find if a local place would have a PAR reader
Any thoughts?

They only did tests on their burple light and I got the full spectrum… 3k so it was more of a custom order and thus they don’t have the chart but not sure if this helps any

I only paid about 200$ Canadian for it…

So they sent you data on a light thats not even the light you bought? Would you be upset if I showed you an hps test report that showed higher par per watt?

Look at couple of leaves that the tip is bent down sharply looking like a claw. That and slightly burnt tips, high nitrogen. Not terrible, but that’s what I was referring to.

Yeah they did… But it’s not a money back type of situation so I’m sorta stuck until I decide to upgrade to HLG. =( and I have some logistic issues to be honest before I can do that.
I’m wondering if my local tiny hydro store will have a PAR meter… Or if some other type of industrial lighting place would hmm

Ps I don’t understand all the numbers I get the higher ones are the PAR but I can’t seem to understand the coverage…

Good eye on the tips bending down didn’t even notice as soon as I get home Friday I’ll be checking it all in person.

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My hydro store has a couple of par meters, but I’m not sure they all do. For cost of one you could probably just buy a light you know is good though, they’re expensive.

The most important metric on that whole page is down at the bottom. It says "flux of emitted photons (umols/sec) 246.63. Do you see it? That is the total amount of radiometric energy emitted from fixture, or commonly called PPF. Down below that it says it’s a 290 watt fixture. So given the amount of light emitted over the amount of power consumed, you can see it’s less than 1 umol per second per watt. Or, less than 1 umol per joule.

The typical 600 watt hps fixture is about 1.3 umols per joule. Those v2 quantum board kits usually run around 2.5 umols per joule. So 2.5 times the amount of light per watt.


Again thank you for such insightfulness.
Yeah the meters are expensive so I’m just going to see if the guy running the store has one I can bring my light in and get a rough idea because of the cost yeah definitely just better to buy a light I don’t plan to invest any more money in lighting other than to buy a qb when I can.

That PPF doesn’t sound good…
So this thing is less efficient than an HPS and consumes no where near the power of an HPS and thus I have a huge light deficiencie problem.

By the sounds of it though amazon specials are better than what I ended up spending my money on. I was hoping It would be decent, better than something off amazon that had all these stupid crazy ratings and burple lights.

Is it even worth trying to find a PAR meter?
Or should I just throw it in the garbage if I can’t sell it to an aquarium person trying to grow coral lol.

Ps do you think I can even grow one of my plants with this thing or is that bad it’s not even worth the power bill?

The light will grow, and you’d probably be pretty surprised. Most of the budget Amazon fixtures are probably in line with same performance as the light you have. They just usually don’t come with paperwork verifying so, thus people like to think the lights are better than they actually are.

This is why there is still a huge led vs hps debate. If that data was included with light advertisements and people knew how to read it, the lights from the higher end led manufacturers wouldn’t seem all that expensive in comparison. You also have to understand if that was the case, nobody would buy those cheaper lights.